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  1. What you should be doing is thinking.

    Position these 'plenty of grounds' against 'the most likely' and then think some more.

    Then produce a balanced response. Like me.

    Don't actively look for conspiracy theories and try and give them as much credence.
  2. Trump. Clinton.

    You've said more derogatory things about Clinton than you have Trump.

    That sums up the depth of your knowledge and awareness.

    Or worse - your innate prejudice.

    Like Phil, you have this 'inside you' - and then pursue 'evidence' to back it up as much as possible.

    Critical faculties just don't get a look-in.
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  3. And that's the sort of thing that neither you nor Phil are going to be let off with.

    You are a Faragist through and through, a right-wing apologist, and you want your cake by pretending you despise Trump. The Farage equivalent over the pond.

    Perhaps you despise the man, I dunno, but I'm pretty darned sure you rooted for him.
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  4. That's terrific :)
  5. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Well done Da for continuing with your Neo Nazi esque style of 'debate'.
    Now you even claim that I'm a right winger :D
    Have a go at the political compass test, when i did i was sat right in the South West. I'll put money on you ending up further right and more authoritarian than me :D

    What did I say about it not mattering how much you discuss, the circle keeps repeating?
    Well done, you just perfectly illustrated the critique of your 'style' of 'debate'.
    You're doing your best to destroy any credibility you ever had.
    Even going so far as to admit that to you this is all chust (wtf is it with that childish fake word anyway) a bit of a laugh. So dead people, the threat of major conflict and the machinations of psycho war mongers is funny to you? Something to start a fun little thread about?
    At that point i'm done with trying to talk to you, there's grown up stuff going on.
  6. Yeah, sure PJ.

    I paint you as I see you - and you, bu your own choice, sit right beside Howard, Gove, Davies, Redwood, Fox, Tebbit etc etc etc.

    Perhaps you didn't realise what your true political leanings were?
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  7. Lanc

    Lanc Active Member

    Ah, if only you had any appreciation of the 'Outer Hebridean tongue' you might chust understand - in the same way I like to use "aw reet, lad". Nowt childish about that, or is there a wtf to be had with that as well? :rolleyes:.

    Godwin - I claim my prize!:D DA wins.
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  8. Irony knows no bounds.

    'Grown up' stuff going on?

    You mean like not using terms like Neo-Nazi and trying to disingenuously suggest that I find death and killings funny?

  9. Lanc

    Lanc Active Member

    A most suitable 'coup de grace' - it's a good job PJ says " i'm done with trying to talk to you", a wise man indeed that avoids further beatings. ;)

  10. Tis is good that some can read, and understand. Not just read
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  11. Thank you, gentlemen.

    And I mean 'gentlemen'.

    Even if one didn't want to bother reading through the 'arguments' on here, surely everyone can sense the simple humanity and decency and reason and honesty from the likes of JoT and Lancs and Joe (where's he?!) and Chips and btiw (missing him bad...) and a few others. The consistency - not trying to pretend, for example, you are anti-Trump whilst still sucking up to Farage. The lack of conspiracy theories - the last refuge of the insanely deluded; the wishful thinking behind desperately wanting things to be as they see it inside their heads.

    The other side? Well you have Phil and 'arry and PJ and 'arry and Phil and sometimes Longs.

    Phew - enjoy the company you keep, folks.

    I do.
  12. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    My point DA. is , you leapt in with both feet, without considering the alternatives first. You latched on to chemical weapons and automatically assumed (and blamed ) Assad without further question, before now back tracking, but always stopping short of anything near an apology (shamless DA, shameless)
    Had you said this in front of Frankie Boyle, I'm sure his advice would be "Dinny gie up the day joab. DA, Dinny gie up the day joab."
  13. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    @Lanc, fair shout about the outer Hebridean word, I'll admit my ignorance there and I'm sorry for picking up on it.

    As for the rest up there, yada yada. Just the bs I've grown to expect from certain people here.

    Godwin's law says that all convos will end up being about Nazis BTW. As yet, this one isn't. :p
  14. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Anyhoo, the reason for this thread? A bit of satire against Brexit May - and, come on, now, it was bludy funny. And satirical.
  15. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    I take it you didn't know that Lancs absolutely adores, Farage?
    He did vote to leave the EU, ya nar!

    Oh, and that also means he supports, Trump.
  16. If what you'd just written there was anything other than a complete fib, you might have had a point.
  17. Lanc

    Lanc Active Member

    Absolute rubbish (but then, what's new longboats).
    I did vote to leave the EU - but not on the terms that have been subsequently hijacked, and I regretted my decision almost immediately (and owned up to my error). There will, I'm sure, now be millions in that same position. Time will tell.

    If you can show any comments of mine which are pro Farage or Trump, I would be most grateful - otherwise, get lost! :p
  18. Lanc

    Lanc Active Member

    Apology accepted, every day is a school day (as they say).

    With Godwin, I was accepting it's corollary that " The first person who mentions Hitler/Nazi, automatically removes themselves from further discussion". :rolleyes:
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  19. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Yes and Godwin's law is also accepted as being a form of censorship. And in this instance it doesn't apply anyway. No-one has mentioned the H word, no-one has accused anyone of being a Nazi, no-one has likened any thing to Nazi policy...

    What I did was say that I recognise that DA uses the exact same approach to his debate 'opponents' as do the many many neo Nazis that I've engaged online. Which he does. It's not even something for debate. Anyone who's spent anytime trying to speak with these people online will recognise the tactics I described.
    And the record of those tactics in DA's case is present in this here thread, in just the manner I highlighted. :)

    These tactics are designed to shut down debate. They are designed to prevent the actual nuts and bolts of a discussion from being discussed.
    Da takes it to a ridiculous level using about as many logical fallacies as he can fit in. I've listed a few that are present in the thread, there are more.

    Here's a few that are here in black and white :) This is far from exhaustive, DA uses more but these are all present in this thread as methods he uses to assert that he is right and anyone who doesn't agree is wrong. As I say, I recognise the behaviour ;)

  20. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Sorry for the way that post is laid out, it's a c+p thing and I can't be arsed to try and sort it out.

    So, all of the above has been used either consciously or not...a lot of it being targetted at myself. Why?

    Seemingly because I have the audacity to do two things,
    A- question DA
    B- question the US and UK government's assertion that Assad did this...I asked for evidence.

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