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  1. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    So, where's the evidence? 18 pages in, many days in and I still see none.
    What I do now see though is how this conceivably fits into the bigger picture. The MOAB being dropped, the ships going to park up beside the Korean penninsula, the anti Russian rhetoric, anti China rhetoric, the change in media attitude toward Trump (who, I'm disgusted to have to repeat this, I loathe everything about)...
    It's a geopolitical game. Posturing, threatening behaviour. Assad and the Syrian people are just useful to the cause of hegemonistic intent.
    Nowt to do with beautiful babies or evidence or righteousness, just a sick and lethal game.

    In my humble opinion.
  2. Don't apologise for the way the post is laid out.

    It's a pile of poo whatever way you look at it.

    It is truly nonsense - despite your most wishful thinking.
  3. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Yada yada

    To further step away from Godwin's rule territory, the blanket bombing of logical fallacy is also a behaviour observable with: Trolls, internet keyboard warrior bullies, egoists and shills.
    Basically anyone who doesn't actually have a valid argument will exhibit these traits.
  4. That is exactly what I thought of your ridiculous post.

    You pernicious fibber, you.
  5. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    You could at least try to provide some evidence for your statements rather than continue to stumble along the same path :D

    Evidence Assad did it?
    Evidence to back up your ad hominems?

    I won't hold my breath but go on, surprise me!
  6. Tell you what, PJ - you surprise us.

    After all, you are the one giving seemingly equal credence to your conspiracy theories.

    Oh, the wishing it was not Assad this time...
  7. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    See, there's another at least four rolled into one three line paragraph :D

    Even when you're picked up on the use of logical fallacies you can't help but keep doing it :D

    Anything but actually present a reasonable argument :D

    Do you even know you're doing it?

    Oh and um, that evidence? :D

    Go on, seeing as how I've posted enough to at least bring your assumptions into doubt...which is my position...that there's reasonable ground for doubt and that usual criminal law protocols apply, like um motive and um evidence :D

    Go on, give just one thing that backs up your supposed argument. Pretty please.
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  8. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    I'll chuck another one on the fire:

    Theodore Postol

    Who has sent the US government a critique of the 4 page declassified document which supposedly proves that Assad did it.
    He claims that the photographic 'evidence' of the 'shell' that supposedly delivered the sarin actually shows it's unlikely that this could have been dropped from the air. He claims that this 'shell' looks to him like a ground based device exploded from above by a charge.

    And he is an expert with many years experience and many awards, who has shown government evidence re missiles and munitions to be wrong several times's in the wiki page.

    I'm making no appeal to authority here but I am saying that surely his view has to be given a reasonable hearing? Surely he can't be dismissed out of hand or as a conspiracy nut? Any more than Eren Erdem can?
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  9. So, given your doubts as to who done what and why, which we all have.

    What is your position on USA v N Korea? You seem to be very quiet on that front?

    Do you support your man Trump (he is undoubtedly your man, by your own words) or given your recent suspicion and mistrust of him, does that mean N Korea is actually telling the truth and correctly standing up to the USA.

    Want to stand up and say you agree and support Trump, or A N Other?
  10. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    Not you and all? :D

    He calls Clinton a warmonger so he must love Trump.
    Fallacy 101 :D What a narrow minded world you two must live in!

    I've said it before, I strongly disagree with representative democracy so it would be fair to say I don't have a pet politico to back ;) I wouldn't even trumpet Bakunin or Emma Goldman :D

    Anyway, to your question, I think you'll find that I referred to Korea at the top of this page and gave my view there ;)
    But I'll repeat it. My spider senses are telling me that this is all part of the same 'game'. The Neocon game for want of a better word.
    There's plenty of evidence out there stating their position, their intention. These current developments are very much in line with it, though of course, I can't live that. But that's where my money is. Trump in my opinion is just a big narcissist puppet who is now for whatever reason, 100% roped in.
    Could well be that this is what all that Russiagate stuff was about, getting him to toe the line. Who knows but for whatever reason he is certainly singing the Neocon song.

  11. Yh ok, except not so long ago, you were supporting Trump, as you yourself said.

    Weaving and twisting just a little?

    I do have to express big doubts over Russia/Trump/USA/China/NK, so I accept some of your thinking there
  12. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    I'll state it clearly. It could be said that I've got populist leanings. In the true sense of populism. I see the world in the main being controlled by a very small bunch of folk that are wrongly called the elite. I oppose this state of affairs. I oppose a system which maintains this state of affairs.
    Trump pretended to question this state of affairs. If he were genuine I would have supported him in tackling it. He isn't and I don't. He's just like all the rest. What I said was that I stupidly credited him with being less of a war monger than Clinton and that he has shown I was wrong.
    Clinton and Obama were no different they did the bidding of the status quo, are part of it, just like Trump. I support none of them. I may have given Bernie a chance but no doubt he'd have caved in...

    My interest is in us people not the interests of the political classes, the gentry, the nobility or the billionaires who control the financial system, trans nationals and war machines.

    Unlike some here who claim to be of the left but support things like the monarchy in the form of the United Kingdom :D

    Edit: in post 370 I wrote"I can't prove that" - for some reason spellchecker posted it as "I can't live that". Its now too late to edit it
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  13. You seem quite desperate to make a point where there isn't one, PJ.

    And no amount of over-egging this will make it valid - and you've gorn to some phenomenal and very impressive lengths.

    Shall I try and explain this post to you chust once more?

    I made a witticism about your May's desperate attempts to rally some trade in the face of Brexit, casting a slur on the type of people who she is reaching out to.

    Assad is a complete bar steward, on that we can agree, yeah? My joke was that it wasn't enough that he has murdered countless numbers of his own people, or used CW against them with impunity, or deliberately released from gaol the most extreme Islamists when the rebellion first began (after being hellishly tortured) so that they could cause the carnage that he could subsequently pretend he was fighting against (and who, ironically, went on to commit the same type of hellish torture against innocent Syrians, rebel fighters and aid workers and journalists...) or any of that stuff.

    No, the joke was that now that he's dropped another major CW missile on innocent people - after being told by Putin to behave - May would now be scurrying over to do a trade deal - since no-one else would; he was now baaaad enough.

    Yes? You got that? Cool - and it was quite funny, wasn't it? C'mon - you got the joke, right?


    There, a thread based on a joke about Assad and May and Brexit.

    You came trundling in - taking it all a tad too seriously - suggesting it ain't necessarily what it looks like. Fair do's, Pj - it ain't. There are, indeed, other options.

    But you kinda missed the point. The joke.

    So, many pages later I am happy to concede that there are a number of alternative scenarios to this latest CW attack - but that, as far as I (and most of the international community) is concerned, it was almost certainly that bad boy, Assad.

    You keep on insisting in giving significant credence to the other options - almost, if I may say, to the exclusion of it having been Assad. That's fine - carry on. You might even be right. But it ain't the point.

    I know - why don't you start your own thread on all the alternatives? The conspiracy theories. The 'spider senses'. It'll be interesting (tho' not as funny as mine).

    I might even pop in and pish all over it for you.

    Now, can you go away? No?

  14. Ah. PJ is a 'true' populist in the true sense of the meaning.


    So why did you vote for Farage and the right-wing elements of the Tory party? Are they anti-elite?! Lol...

    C'mon - you weren't that stupid.

    And, in any case, us sensible folk on here made it abundantly clear that's what Brexiteers were doing.

    No excuse. It was bludy obvious.
  15. I mostly agree with all of that.

    But I was clear then, now and at all stages in between.

    Trump was/is dangerous, always was and is part of the establishment (despite trumpeting against the establishment, which is what made most of the lightweight thinkers come out in support of him), as is Farage, May, Johnson, Davies etc.

    I am nowhere near as far left as yourself though, and understand the need (even if I don't agree with it) for a financial system of sorts if people want to be civilised and eat.

    I accept there will always be a rich/poor divide, for umpteen reasons. But the divide is too big currently, and that is the basis of most of the worlds current problems.

    I didn't and still don't support the people mentioned. And I haven't swapped sides.

    Monarchy, I don't support getting rid of them for a presidency, but they should be self financing and not a cost to the state. It does amaze/amuse me that every worker who pays tax helps keep them in their lifestyle, whilst they struggle to keep a roof over their own heads, and feed the kids etc.

    But the monarchy should be a different thread, don't move the goalposts huh ?
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  16. P J Thompson

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    I respect your view and I once held it too. I was firmly Labour, then Blair came along. My view changed, I researched more and more and came to the view that representative democracy sucks :D It gives us Trump, May, Obama, Bush, Blair, Brown and Clinton!
  17. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    @Da go look back at page one of this thread and see what we both said...then see how you've gone about it ever since.

    Your last two posts are true to form :D

    For example, I didn't vote for Brexit ;) Or May, or anyone...see my posts to Jack.
    Will you ever stop with the logical fallacies? :D
  18. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    The way things are going, its looking more and more like the The New World Order and Illuminati are perhaps real after all. :eek::eek::eek:
  19. fillyboy

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    PJ, have you ever seen Mark Blyth, he's really very good. Coined the phrase 'Global Trumpism' a long time before the US elections and seems to have pretty much nailed the real
    reasons for Global Populism.
    His book 'Austerity-The History of a Dangerous Idea' is a very good read.
    Lots of him on youtube.

    I suspect 'the chuckle brothers' (you know who I mean) might not be keen.
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  20. Phil the Paver

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