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    I've not looked into him before but I've just listened to a couple of interviews and a lecture. There's things that he says that can't reasonably be argued against. When he talks about the conditions that things like globalism creates for example. If you as a business take your manufacturing to a new country then yes, you can put pressure on worker's rights at both ends! Observations like this he has bang on.
    He's an economist though isn't he and seems very accepting of the current economic model as if it's written in stone. Though it may be that I just haven't looked into his views enough and that isn't the case.
    So, my first impression is that his observations seem sound but I haven't seen anything is a vision from him yet :)
  2. P J Thompson

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    The 'new world order' was talked about by both Bushes, Blair, Brown, Soros etc. In that sense it has to be taken as 'real'. It being essentially a globalized world of free trade. On the surface many will say that's a good thing. Akin to a one World vision. That's far from the case though, a better way of looking at it is a one market world, totally dominated by capital at every level.

  3. So if you like his thoughts, I don't understand why you support Trump and brexit in particular.

    I haven't got enough time to study him and his stuff in infinite detail, but he says exactly what some have been saying all along?

    Ie , dont think that just because the words mentioned are anti establishment, it means that is what they want or will give.

    I think you appear a little muddled in your thinking of events, unless I have read the wrong things of this Blyth bloke
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    Ahh so chemical weapons are nothing but a joke ? Something to be laughed about?? You must have a warped sense of humour DA... As Frankie Boyle would tell you himself "Dinny gie up the day joab".
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    Try for a moment to forget about Trump and Brexit, and focus on the effects of Globalisation. Read Mark Carneys speech on Globalisation and possibly Theresa Mays
    recent comments on the subject.
    Working class people around the world are railing against globalisation, Brexit and Trump are results of that hence Mark Carneys warning to world leaders that there needs to be a rethink.
    Of course there wont be a rethink because there is too much at stake for the Banks and large corporations, so what we've seen happen in the UK and US, we will likely see happen in France,
    then Spain and Italy.
    It's really nothing to do with supporting Trump.

    Anyway, lets all pull together.:)

  6. You make comments about anti establishment, but listen to May ? Establishment personified.

    You appear to want 1 thing but actively support the other?

    How does voting brexit and supporting Trump support this anti globalisation you want.

    Sorry but your logic just doesn't flow properly. Ask PJT? Would love what his take on your thoughts are, that might show his colours !
  7. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    I've just watched the Blyth lecture on austerity. Not being an economist it hurt my noggin, especially as he speaks quicker than any coke head I've met!
    But I understood some of it ;) (about 1%)
    His thoughts regarding the Euro are profound and also how the EU is really rather insignificant compared to the ECB

    But maybe this is for another thread ;)
  8. I believe Blair's 'new world order' was quite different to what you are suggesting; it was little to do with trade or economics - he essentially meant that we (ideally with the UN) should get involved in sorting out despots and dictatorships and not sit idly by as atrocities are carried out.

    And - if you read the histories of these events - you will find that the guy had his work cut out to persuade even our supposed closest allies like France and Germany and the US to act in Kosovo and Sierra Leone. In fact, you will hopefully acknowledge that Blair was the only world leader that had the status and respect to get others to act - he was the guy pushing Clinton to perform.

    Ditto in N Ireland - only Blair.

    Don't you diss' my man.

    And, until the financial crash of 2008, the UK was doing pretty darned well - a constant state of improvement, unparalleled investment in our schools, NHS and other social services - and the air just smelled better.

    It is truly astonishing - truly frightening - how little it takes for people to forget the cause of our current situation and what the lasting effects of the crash were. And how they knee-jerk react just the same - exactly the same - as Europe did in the 1930s.

    And that lead to Hitler and the Nazis (oops - I used 'Hitler' and 'Nazi' in the correct context...)
  9. Lol... :rolleyes:
  10. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    I'm not sure why you need me to comment ;)
    I've nailed my "true colours" to the mast before. I don't believe representative democracy is the best way to build hospitals and roads. I see representative democracy and it's master the state as being nothing more than protection systems for the 'elite'. Even Adam Smith thought that iirc...
    I don't consider globalization to be any way to bring equality and prosperity to the people of the world, quite the opposite in fact. I see it as the perfect tool to exploit the people of the world.
    I don't see any reason why we as a species need any form of currency...and before people freak on me, yes, I have considered this at great length, and it hurt a lot to get to this point of view....there are many hard wired obstacles to reaching this view in our heads...most of the arguments against it stem from a negative view of people in general.

    I am pro community, pro co-operation, pro direct democracy...and have a massive inward snigger every time someo-one claims I love Tories or Trumps :D
  11. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    DA, google the speech Brown gave on the subject of a new world was very much about was even after a g20 meeting iirc :)

    As for the Hitler comment, have a listen to that Blyth chap, he has a very interesting and credible angle on what led to Hitler's rise and how it mirrors our current situation...not actually that dissimilar to what you and I probably think about it already but a lot more informed :)

  12. You missed my point.

    What are your thoughts on fillyboy's comments.

    Clear or muddled ? Appears to support your thoughts, by supporting May and Trump ?
  13. P J Thompson

    P J Thompson Active Member

    I think I'll let fillyboy speak for themselves, especially as I don't actually know the ins and outs of their thoughts. I don't see anything in that post that says they support Trump or May though.
  14. P J Thompson

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    Tangent alert ;)

    Trump, Le Pen, De Wilders, they've all tried to exploit something that the mainstream politicos choose to ignore. They've recognised that as fillyboy mentioned, people have real concerns about things like globalization and the economic system. They've built those concerns into their rhetoric in an attempt to garner support.

    There's a danger though that because these people are so unpalatable, the feelings and thoughts that they've tried to exploit get 'tarred with the same brush'. This can be seen with the comments that anyone who voted for Brexit for example, is a racist. It does no good to make this mistake.

    Does anyone think that the billionaire architects of globalization care about us all arguing? About insults like remoaner? About brexiteers being dubbed racist? They care only in so far that as long as folk are having these petty squabbles, the attention isn't on them! Divide et empora.

    The globalists have done a similar thing to trump and me pen. They've taken something genuine...the idea of one world under the sun and corrupted it. Exploited it for their own ends. It's a cunning move because the very thing that would put their position in jeaporady is if the people of the world united! If we all saw ourselves as one people then those that have always sought to keep us divided couldn't continue to do so. So the globalists got ahead of the ball, they took over the one world idea. Which in effect takes the idea and 'tars it with the same brush'. Makes it highly unlikely that anyone would take it seriously. It's a classic tactic.

    The form of tribalism that exists in centrist main stream politics, as evidenced on this very forum, is counter productive. It's more akin to a beer fuelled bare knuckle fight in a backwater barn than mature politics! My dad is bigger than your dad, you're an idiot, my way or the highway. To say it's neanderthal would insult cavemen :D but so long as folk indulge themselves in it, nothing will change. How could it? Not everything is black and white, there are shades and just because you agree with a labour supporter on one thing it doesn't mean you must automatically disagree with a Tory on another. To think so is a recipe for more of the same. I'd go so far as to say that with things as they currently are and the trends we all see...a recipe for disaster.

    The issues are real and present and the trend is that it's getting worse. In my humble opinion it's crucial that we start to break down these divisions, wipe slates clean and start to work together.
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    There isn't.
  16. I'm talking about Blair, not Brown. And it was to do with world peace, aimed initially at the Middle East issue betwixt Israel and Palestine.
  17. Although there is much to agree with in your post, surely the problem that most people have with 'globalisation' and 'economics' in general is that they simply don't understand it? And I largely include myself in that.

    Ie, they certainly sense the unfairness of it all; they haven't had a salary increase in a decade and are suffering from a collapse in social services whilst the architects of the credit crunch - bankers - seem to be thriving.

    That sticks in my craw too.

    But I think I am learned enough to realise what the answer isn't. And who not to blame. And that the likes of Farage and Trump have taken advantage of the general population's ignorance and grievance - for their own ends.

    Sorry if this offends - the average Brexit voter was not an informed individual; they acted in ignorance. And they ain't going to get what they were led to believe.

    Massively duped.
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  18. May is a conviction politician - there was only one way she was going to tackle Brexit, and that is with full-on conviction.

    Regardless of whether she believes she is right or wrong about any issue.

    You can't believe she's done a good job so far, tho', can you? All that aggressive posturing and threats of a 'hard' one or 'WTO' or 'tax haven' status?!

    She's mainly hindered by a couple of things; (1), she ain't as bright as she thinks she is - she seems to think that commitment, conviction and decisiveness is all it takes and it'll all fall into place, and (2) her personal advisors ain't as bright and clear-thinking as she imagines them to be either.

    Add to that mix the dawning reality of how badly the process is already going, and a seriously divided party made up largely of Europhiles who are waiting their time for enough carnage to have been caused before they can then then completely scupper their idiotic plans.

    (All it should have taken is a strong opposition, but alas we don't have one.)

    Anyhoo, it's going to be interesting.
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    So DA pray tell us who informed you? Was it someone related to the bankers? Was it someone under control of the "elite"
    As you yourself said.

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