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    Well according to the ONS, there are approximately 1.8 million unemployed in this country. Of these , approximately 630,000 are EU nationals This equates to around 35% of unemployed people. Bear in mind, there are also EU nationals here claiming " Family working tax credits" (for children not resident in the UK) claiming "Family allowance" (for children not resident in the UK) etc, etc.. Do you think this is fair and equitable?
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    DA, may I respectfully remind you that we are in the year after the death of Jesus 2017. that's 9 years since the crash. There has been ever increasing wealth since then, but not by working folk, or me for that matter. Hence, populism rules, like it or lump it mate, its there, its now.
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    Don't forget the 11% wage rise our MP's just had to accept (can't believe some committee held a gun to their heads) Whilst the public sector enjoyed their 1% (we're all in this together) wage rise. ;)

    Cue DA arguing that this is a good thing.

  4. Thank you jj.

    And that ladies and gentlemen is how our standard of living will improve after brexit :eek:.

    Anybody want to add any more to the theory?

    I think it emphasises the problem we all face, don't you ?
  5. Phil the Paver

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    But of course it would have massively improved had we voted remain.

    No wait, it wouldn't would it, it would have carried on as it was, slowly but surely going down.

    You do realise that the top of the pile have seen their wealth double since the so called 2008 crash, while the plebs have seen theirs decrease 10 fold.
    Those at the top had earned what the average man earns in a year by the first Wednesday of the New years working week.
    Yes being in the EU is great isn't it.

    Will it change much after we leave?? Who knows but the result of the vote here and the possible result in France is the plebs standing up and shouting.

  6. You don't need to remind me of the year, Filly.

    I agree - 'populism' is the typical, historical, unthinking and ultimately counter-productive response by half the population.

    As someone once said (and I have to paraphrase quite extensively), "you don't have to worry about extremist nut jobs like Farage and Trump and Le Pen - they aren't the problem. The problem is how stupid and gullible the population is."

    So, yes, it is sadly a matter-of-fact since we ain't as bright as we think we are, but I'll personally 'lump it', thank you.
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  7. I'd rather see you explain why it isn't. Ie - put some thought in to justifying your populist glibbism (I mean, I bet none of your frineds get s diss'ed for criticising our MPs, do they! Fnurrrr - they are an easy target! Always gets an apporving "Yeah!" that one. I do suspect that you are one of the number on here who like to say things like "they are all the same!" "Snouts in a trough!"

    Oh, the wit...

    (But it's only half that.)
  8. I dont disagree with this, or your desire to change it. It is your method that scares me.

    1 who do you think is more likely to want to change this position? The right wing capitalists (populists to some) like May, Johnson, Davies, Farage etc, or Corbyn. The very man you argue strongly against ironically is the man who shars the same ideals as you espouse.

    2 do you think the rest of the EU has such an imbalance of wealth, and pay figures that are so different between the top and the bottom? Or is it just UK?

    So you have just voted for the support of the pay model you (and I) despise.

    We will need our financial industry to carry us through Brexit, so what is likely to happen? At a guess, tax breaks for the big business to attract them here, or to stay here. Exactly what you don't want to happen. Our workers will carry on making our rich richer, becauses it's the only choice we have got.

    Or maybe you see a better future? I see that our standard of living will decrease until we at least stabilise after brexit. It may begin to change for the better in 10 years or so. Or it might not, so it is a big risk. But in the meantime we (the working man) will suffer a worse standard of living.

    Please tell me it isn't so and you can explain rationally how we will increase our standard of living?

    Same old story. What exactly is the brexit you voted for? I know you can't answer that because nobody can yet.

  9. Populism is great in theory, ask PJT.

    But it is not what you think you voted for.

    You voted for the clever people who latched onto the words and used it against you.

    Your ideals mean well, but your actions are confused
  10. P J Thompson

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  11. joinerjohn1

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    JoT , you seriously think 35% of unemployed people being EU nationals isn't a problem? Do you know how much they have contributed to our tax and NI systems before they claimed? Not only Unemployment Benefit that they claim, there'll also be housing benefit, council tax benefit, free prescriptions, all adding to the bill.
  12. joinerjohn1

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    DA, Read the part you obviously missed.. "We're all in this together." Surely it's time for our MP's to lead by example.

    PS, get yer spellchecker working DA, tut, tut. ;);)

  13. Do you not understand the reasoning behind MP's getting such an increase?

    And no I don't agree with the reason or the rise.

    And by the reasoning behind, I don't mean the 1 fed out to the public about how MP's real terms money had fallen. It's a little deeper than that, but does need thinking about.

  14. So that is the reason we will do better with brexit?

    Are we going to kick all these EU nationals out so we get that (very little in the overall scheme of things) money back, or at least stopped being sent.
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    Hey, if MP's money has fallen behind in "real terms" (which I very much doubt on an average wage of £75,000) where does that leave the vast majority of the rest of us? Do MP's think we're immune from inflation? Nice when you can get some committee (IPSA) to deliberate on your wage rise and force an inflation busting 11% (one which you just have to accept) Most MP's said publicly that they felt they didn't need this wage rise (but still begrudgingly accepted it) They still claim expenses. The only thing that's changed with their expenses is they're given a bit more scrutiny than before. Most of them still have "second homes" in London. Main difference now is, they're actually renting these out and now claim travelling expenses, or hotel expenses (gotta keep the money rolling in after all)

    You don't agree with the wage rise they got. Pull the other one JoT
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    Hmmm 35% of the unemployment bill isn't exactly, "very little in the overall scheme " is it?
  17. joinerjohn1

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    Ahh, gotta be one of the "Elite" that came out with that little gem. ;);)

    Speaking of "Extremist nut jobs,," Nah I won't even go there, because you'll only continue to deny what's happening in Europe right now.
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    "you don't have to worry about extremist nut jobs like Farage and Trump and Le Pen - they aren't the problem. The problem is how stupid and gullible the population is."

    I missed that one :D Whilst I sort of agree with it....I thought we were all "better educated" nowadays :D Better trained to be foolish and gullible is it? :D

  19. Is that really your considered response?

    Shows the depth of thought.

    For clarity. I definitely do not agree with their rise. But you are the 1 supporting the capitalists, not me. I am the lefty liberal remember.

    Go away and think a little deeper? Come back with a clearer reasoning.
  20. NO it isn't actually.

    How much extra per week will the nhs get after brexit in comparison? Oh, thats nil isn't it, I missed that big red bus

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