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  1. tore81

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    Hi all I have to take Taps off to seal plaster and make good.

    I normally fit flexi isolation valves but plumbers have done it and then put the bath in. As the bath has been chased into the wall it is very tight to get in there.

    Pipes are running underneath the bath may be easier to fit an ISO valve on there. Will there be enough play to fit valve in tho? Can't think of any other option as you can see from photo not much room

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  2. andy48

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    1. You'll have to turn off the hot and cold supplies somewhere else anyway to change the taps and / or fit isolation valves.
    2. Once you've removed the taps, cut the pipes under the bath and fit isolation valves. Don't use cheap ones, I'd recommend Pegler full bore.
    3. Once you've fitted the valves you can turn them off, restore hot and cold everywhere else, and get on with the plastering and re-fitting of the taps.
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    adjusted bath.jpg

    Do the branches go into the wall to feed a shower? I'd cut and fit iso valves into the vertical part below the Ts. When you refit the taps, make sure the flexis aren't twisted like they are at the moment. Baths are always a pain to work on. Good luck.
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  4. tore81

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    Ye a plumber fitted them twisted. At the bottom of the bath there is easier access to fit a iso valve. And yes they branch off to fit a shower. Thanks for reply

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