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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mr Rusty, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Mr Rusty

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    As an aside on the design of the sash box and weight access, I also found this document from the Irish government which has a photo similar to my design and says:-

    "The pocket pieces are at a low height in the inner lining, sometimes behind the shutter. Occasionally they are cut out of the frame stile and are concealed by the closed lower sash"

    which suggests in Ireland cutting into the pulley stile is the exception. Perhaps this is why it is also common in the US. I have found the research into window design very interesting, and as I said very early on in this thread - "there's more than one way to skin a cat (poor cat!)"

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  2. KIAB

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    New England, USA, sash windows, or hung sash window as the yanks call them,there some churchs up there, that have very tall windows, so they have triple- and quadruple-hung sash windows, one church feature on 'This Old House',I think, amazing construction these windows.
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  3. KIAB

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    Here is a triple sash window at Jefferson's Monticello house, Charlottesville, Virginia.

  4. Mr Rusty

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    wow those glazing bars are thin - but no obvious fasteners. The tall one looks like two separate windows- double glazing? Again, kudos to those guys who used to make stuff like this by hand...
  5. KIAB

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    All down to the counterbalance weight I believe.

    Those large triple-sash windows, the bottom two portions may be raised to form a doorway, or the bottom sash can be raised, the top lowered, to encourage cross-ventilation.

    And here is another triple sash window, about 10' high.:eek:

    More detials here:

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  6. mr moose

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    Lovely work, Mr Rusty you know your stuff!
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  7. Mr Rusty

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    ....And now for my next trick - make a pair of external opening inward french doors. Must be a sucker for punishment, but can't find exactly what I want - needs to have a lower non-glazed panel so I can fit a cat door for the bosses of the house. I have some Accoya left over because I only made 7 sashes not 8, so they'll be Accoya.... Photos in due course...........
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  8. rich6757

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    Great thread Rusty!

    How are they doing? Anything you wish you'd done differently?

    How far did you go with your CAD? Basic layout or detailed 3d/2d?
  9. Mr Rusty

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    The doors got made. Here before painting and glazing, and without the plant-on cover strip.

    Windows all finished and installed. Would I do anything different next time? - no I don't think so. The design I used is pretty much a copy of mumford and woods conservation sash windows they also helpfully provide cad drawings of all their sections.......:p

    I produced my own 3D cad drawing which I chopped up so I had just the 4 corners. By positioning them to scale for each window I could then measure off each section dimensions from the CAD. Some grabs from my drawings attached

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  10. Mr Rusty

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    Coming back to this thread if anybody refers to it. Couple of observations now we are living with the windows and they have been in a couple of years

    1) Accoya is brilliant - timber hasn't moved a millimeter - everything still runs freely . Teknos paint still A1

    2) - and the main reason for coming back - I overlooked that the pulleys are a hole in the frame with a potential air route through to the cavity/box frame/trickle vent. Although the window is draught free, the pulley holes were not - big draughts. Reddiseals have a product that remedies - now fitted - perfect!.
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  11. If you need any advice on your Sash windows, especially sash heritage restorations, give me a shout!
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    I would ask the moderators to remove your contact details and web address - people whom have tried to "promote" their business on here have fallen victim to spam attacks etc.
  13. Really? What on earth is the world coming to when you can't even link a relevent business on a thread!!!
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    Some members would view it as spam and there are a few trolls that like causing trouble.
  15. Ah I see, apologies, I mis-read your first reply. Spam protection is strong on my inbox!! (Famous last words)

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