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  1. That's a weird claim, btiw2?

    The vast proportion of MPs for a start.

    The overwhelming proportion of the most educated (that'll annoy you) and cultured (ditto) and business leaders. Those in any professional profession (you know what I mean)

    Yes, the 'common man' won this vote, driven misleadingly by Farage, Banks and Bannon. A very few. But very loud.

    Perhaps you were referring to 'prominent' by volume?

    In whichever field you would care to examine - other than blue-collar workers and those intentionally long-term unemployed - you will, I am certain, find a very significantly greater support for Remain.

    Take your pick.
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  2. It's been pretty consistent. Ever since you couldn't hold it in no longer.
  3. And the most creative - I would have to admit - often come from your good self.

    Which is surprising when you contribute so little and so selectively.

    Are you 'bowing out' now, or trying to rise above it?

  4. I felt the need to contribute, purely to contest the unsupported drivel and baseless claims that are made on here.

    But when IIR has lost ALL of his arguments and claims, backtracks and swerves continually, and still tries to challenge the logic, and then when clearly wounded and hurt goes on to make pathetic insults, yes it is time to stop the thread.

    Don't you think?

    At least you had the good sense to stop trying to support your baseless claim. As did a couple of others. The argument has been lost, exposed and dealt with.
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  5. Amen.

    And happy to keep telling them :)
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    Jack wrote

    But when IIR has lost ALL of his arguments and claims, backtracks and swerves continually, and still tries to challenge the logic, and then when clearly wounded and hurt goes on to make pathetic insults, yes it is time to stop the thread.

    I'm writing :D:D:D

    Haven't lost a single argument with you, its you who has failed on every occasion to follow up your claims with names (initials are just childish), even btiw2 has said it appears that more prominent Remainers are likely tax Dodgers than prominent leavers, didn't jump all over him/her did you.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  8. Lets correct you, AGAIN.

    You failed to produce any evidence of your claim against Virgin/Branson. FACT ! Go back through the thread if you want to try and challenge that.

    I don't and won't put peoples names in open threads like this, unlike you. However, are you stating, AS FACT, that you have no idea who I named with initials? A Lord, a Mr. B prominent business man and Mr M, Mp . ? STATE YOUR ANSWER CLEARLY, don't swerve. If you dare say you don't know them, then I have to ask how you found remain tax avoiders but no brexit ones. They are both all over the internet, as BTIW said.

    Tax avoidance is an issue for all sides. You obviously accept that it is ok by brexiteers but deplorable by remainers.

    Do you see your hollow, double standards yet. THIS HAS BEEN SHOWN, RESHOWN AND REPEATEDLY RESHOWN to you, and you still try and argue tha lost points.

    Do you really approve of tax avoiding brexiteers? YES OR NO ?

    Oh, and you have not won a single argument on fact. You may have won some in your fantasy world, but not on here. Care to disagree, show the proof ?
  9. Let's watch a childish insult as a balanced reply ?

  10. Let's also include 1 named by BTIW?

    A Mr. F, MEP. Any ideas of that 1? Did you not manage to find him on any list either?
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    I got sucked into a tax avoidance scheme many years back, was sold as a legitimate or "clever" way of paying less tax by exploiting a loophole and therefore legit. HRMC didn't agree however and it caused me no end of grief although the amount of money I lost wasn't massive.
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  12. In that case, IIR, you will be happy to answer the following honestly:

    1) Virgin got a pay-out from the NHS just because the NHS 'caved' and decided it would be cheaper/simpler to do this rather than take them on in court? Yes or no?

    2) You honestly believe that more tax-evaders/avoiders (prominent or not - you choose) are 'Remainers' rather than are 'Leavers'. Yes or no?

    (I honestly don't know how it could be made more simple for you.)

    Both of these have been insinuated by you on this very thread. If you believe them then say so - Yea or Nay. Peasy.

    You can put this thread to bed right now if you so choose.
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  14. btiw2

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    I didn’t make that post.

    At 12:20 I was slumped at my kitchen table. I was soaked to the bone, tired and very cold. I’d been trying to fix a uniquely rural plumbing problem. I’d had whiskey (American) to fortify me against the chill. I was drinking more whiskey at my table to bolster me for the day ahead. And, yes, today, was another cold, wet, freezing day - so further drinking was warranted.

    During this tine it appears that someone “hacked” my account. Let’s call the miscreant “dbtiw2” or “drunk btiw2”.

    I think dbtiw2 has some interesting ideas, but I’d need to think about them further before arguing with them on a point-by-point basis.

    My first impression is that dbtiw2 just wants to argue with everyone in the world (that being the usual MO of a drunk), but perhaps there is a kernel of an original idea in there. If so, my mill is not fine enough to discover it.

    TLDR; I wuz ratted. Eff know what I posted. Too p’d to remember. Soz.
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    1. Very highly likely YES

    2. It's either prominent or not, you can't put words into my mouth, so we'll stick to prominent one's, again highly likely YES.

    So it's your turn now.

    Show the NHS didn't just pay out.

    Show that more prominent Leavers are tax avoiders then prominent Remainers.

    Sits patiently waiting.

    Slowly falling to sleep.

    Got bored waiting and went to the pub.
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  18. Snigger - I did check the posting time and wondered...
  19. I dunno - you give IIR the choice of two li'l words, and he just cannae do it.

    As I knew he couldn't.

    Case comatose.
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