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  1. Bob Rathbone

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    We all judge teachers on our experience when we were at school, the hours and holidays etc. Yes, it used to be a really good job, with great holidays that I used to build a house. That has all changed now with the National Curriculum and Academy schools. The workload has increased, as has class size, the introduction of classroom assistants has placed additional demands on teachers and the holidays have been cut drastically. The time the kids spend in school bears no resemblance to the time spent by the teacher administering the learning process. I used to be a college lecturer, it was at time difficult and stressful, that's OK I don't expect sympathy or for all of you to understand, I would not consider a career in teaching as the system currently stands.
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    She has never in 12 years of her career had 2 months holiday in fact at the very best 4 weeks, earlier this year her grandmother died and because of a distance of over 200 miles to travel she needed 2 days away from her job....1 day was given and the other given off with no pay. Let not forget the week she has to take away with the 30 plus children each year to an activity education centre with children of all abilities from special needs, autistic to quite bright and everyone in between. What a responsibility that is. Teacher's can't take holidays or days off when they choose, it looks like the rose coloured lenses in your spectacles Heat are the wrong shade.;)
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    Teaching is more about how to control a large group of children than an instructional/learning process.
    The cleverest teacher in the world won't be able to teach properly if they get just one unruly child in their class whom is out of control.
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    All jobs (well, nearly all!) have their difficulties. That is what teachers get paid for. ;)
    I think of teachers as some of the best people to work for because they tend to have enough income to easily pay for jobs.
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    It's not so much what you earn but what you do with it Heat. Some of the most 'well off' people have staggering debts. It's down to managing expectations as well.
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    The job pays the going rate for the scale they are on, don't keep focusing on the money look towards the dedication in helping and wanting to achieve the best for each child....it does happen!
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    This all sounds very corny and twee, but when I entered teaching the pay was less than my electrician pay, but I saw it as career progression and a chance to use my ability to communicate well and to pass on my trade knowledge. If you ask older teachers why they teach and why they chose the career, they will tell you that they wanted to 'do something worthwhile' or 'to give something back'. They will admit that the holidays were good and the pay adequate, with good security. Unfortunately, these 'old style' teachers, of which I am one, no longer fit into the needs of the education system. That is why I left for early retirement. If you can read and understand this, thank a teacher.
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    Keeping unruly children under control must be a difficult job if the teacher has no sanctions; no six of the best, no 100 lines, no detentions, no exclusions from weekly football. I'm not surprised that there's a shortage of teachers.
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    Disagree using any sort of violence, threat or intimidation to achieve a result.In my opinion it verifies you have lost control of a situation. Yes i know there will be those who say,”It never did us any harm”? But if you are of the opinion the way to teach using these methods is correct? Then i think the harm has been done. A good teacher has patience, and the respect of who they are teaching and therfore never would or need to resort to such measures.
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  10. Harry Stottle

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    Interesting observation Sparky. Unruly children cause damage to the well behaved rest of classes, so the damage to children's education is significant and instigated by a few. By the way, I'm not advocating teaching subjects by punishment, that's a nonsense.

    I clearly remember my school days where respect for strict discipline teachers was much greater than for those who were easy going and I did much better in the subjects they taught.
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    The issue of 'Classroom Management' as my last employer so euphemistically referred to it, is a difficult issue. It is true that when you need to resort to sanctions, you have lost the battle, but on the other hand the sanctions must be there as a deterrent. I was lucky that I did not teach pre 16 year olds, all of my students were employed, that was a regulating force on their behaviour, and they all wanted to be at college. It is VERY different with full time students and with schools.
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    ;) At least there are some on here that know a teachers job involves more than some assume including hours etc. My wife's one but retired now so I have seen all of the changes that have been introduced over the years which started with Baker days. Also changes in how schools are run which can mean a teachers spending their own money on stuff for the kids - ones that really care anyway.

    Then I attend a parents evening at my son's school and realise that there are still some low quality teachers about as there was when I went to school.
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  13. Harry Stottle

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    We used to take our children and caravan to South of France for holidays, and we often met teachers and their families who were settled in for the 6 weeks.
  14. Mike58

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    Teachers are now claiming there is not time to sort out classroom ...

    They have had eight weeks to do it - why were they not in school finding ways to lay out furniture? And even now once dates have been announced, they are still not going in.
  15. Bob Rathbone

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    Mike, the issue of arranging the furniture is similar to the deckchairs on the Titanic, it's a pointless exercise as the parents will not have the confidence to send the kids back to school. Over the past 9 weeks we have all been told we are going to die if we don't follow these rules. Now. suddenly all this has changed and we can mix with others and allow our children to socialise. The message has changed too quickly, not enough time has passed to allow us to change our perception of the risk.
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    Mike you are unbelievable, surprised you are not sitting on an advisory committee :rolleyes:.......chairman would suit with that daft comment.......a high proportion of teachers were in school looking after key workers children also ones with special needs.........a furniture lay out decision will come from a higher level no doubt!
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  17. DIY0001

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    It took Dominic Cummings to prove that wasn't true. ;-)
  18. Bob Rathbone

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    Yes, there is the big issue here, mixed messages that are unclear. Don't worry too much about Dom, he has become an embarrassment to Boris, will be gone by the end of today.
  19. DIY0001

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    That would require one or both of them to have a moral compass, but I’m pretty sure they sold them to Satan along with their souls. Probably part of the same deal that set Northern Ireland up as an EU endorsed land grab by the republic. Not an iota of moral responsibility between the two of them. :(
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    Don’t think so, that would be like spit the dog sacking bob carolgees

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