Templates for routing recesses for hinges?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by SteveMJ, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. SteveMJ

    SteveMJ Active Member


    Sometime in the next few months I'll be replacing about 8 doors.  Is there a short cut for an amateur to cut the recess for the hinges?  If I?m successful I may probably go on to do another 12 or more in another property, here is hoping.

    In the past I?ve chiselled these recesses out by hand, with some fiddling about with filler after to correct my lack of skill.  I?ve now got a router (not that I am an expert in using this either) and feel this could lead to a quicker and better job. After the routing I would just clean out the corners of the recess by hand.

    Is this a reasonable approach by me? Are there any templates I can make to help me achieve this?  If what would these templates look like and how would I make them?

    Thank you yet again for the help.

  2. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Trend do them. You will go through router bits, all in  all a v expensive solution. Just use SHARP chisels.
  3. jeznotts

    jeznotts Member

    so steve you are not a carpenter, and you admit to your low skill level, so should you really be cutting up peoples expensive doors? i understand that we all have to earn a living and that but going around and looking for advice on very basic carpentry makes me think that you could do a lot of good for yourself by getting some training on how to fit doors properly this by the way would not include any routers, that you can't use anyway!
    just a thought, and good luck as fitting doors has way more  to it than a badly fitted hinge.
  4. SteveMJ

    SteveMJ Active Member

    Hi jeznotts,

    The  doors I propose to cut up are all paid for  by me (for use in my son's house and possibly mine later).  I've re-hung some doors in my place and was disappointed to find bits of card, funny size screws etc to 'help' the hinges to fit - these were presumably done by a professional - the previous owner didn't own a screwdriver (as he probably didn't know how to use one!).  Quite a few of the doors had a gap of up to 25 mm at their bottom!  It took some effort on my part to insert new blocks of wood  to allow refitting of these hinges  (well, I replaced the extra budget - Poundland? hinges) .  I have experience, some years ago, of a professional fitting a door into a non-rectangular door frame and he cut the door "square" so I had big wedge shaped gaps top and bottom of the door!  I was a bit pee'd off with that.

    I felt that the technique I used was what my dad showed me some decades ago and that with modern tools that there must be a more efficacious way of doing things.  
    I've tried not to allow my lack of skill or knowledge stop me from trying to stretch my self in performing new activities in both my professional (not as a carpenter) and and in my private life too.

    It would seem that hinge templates (e.g. Trend's) are only aimed at fitting hinges to door not the frame - can't see why that aspect has not been dealt with.

  5. jeznotts

    jeznotts Member

    that has been dealt with, trend do this big metal thing that i think costs a fair few quid then you have the router, leads, big saftey helmet and such cr@p if you want to go down that road then knock yourself out! i for one will never bother with it as i can fit hinges quickly and properly, and actually is great to see the ironmongery fit well from my own chisels! if you have has experience with 'pros' messing up doors, like the wedge incident then i am afraid they were charlatans, hence my response to you ( meant with no disrespect of course) also just a small tip the bits of card are a  recognized method of adjusting the gap around the door (3mm) by making adjustments with the hinges often employed to a troublesome door or if the frame was not fitted perfectly, also please do keep having ago at doing stuff around the home as it can be very rewarding but get someone who you know that is good to show you some stuff, it would help out loads, there of course is the youtube option!
    anyways hope they go well for you ! have fun
  6. Jack Rafter

    Jack Rafter New Member

    just use sharp chisels or make a jig from ply or just knife the hinge and rout out free hand or buy a jig or get a chippy in all roads will lead rome hope it goes well
  7. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    I have a hinge jig but I simply cannot be bothered to use it anymore. Far prefer to hang them by hand. Sharp chisels and a Festool TS55 help to get them in fast.
  8. jeznotts

    jeznotts Member

    a rail saw? prey tell

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