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    I'm in the process of buying a groundfloor flat in Glasgow. We have noticed the bathroom floor is slightly uneven. It is carpeted at the moment. I realise its maybe something to do with the joists? Is this a major issue? The home report stated that there was a run in the floor consistent with the age of the structure and deemed it a 1. It is 110 years old. Can anyone give me advice as this is my first buy and am a bit nervous. The rest of the flat is in pretty good condition. Thanks very much
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    if you are really concerned, then commission a full structural survey, a home report will simply be filled with a selection of cut and paste phrases that are more aimed at mitigating any responsibility away from the reports author rather than giving you a detailed, accurate assessment of the property's condition
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    Thanks for your advice. Will call around!
  4. What does 'deemed a 1' mean? Not a problem?

    You will only know the true situation when the carpet is pulled up and a couple of floor boards too. However, does the floor 'bounce'? Does it feel firm?

    Is it only the bathroom wot's not level?

    If the floor is otherwise solid and firm, good chance it's fine. So you can either live with a squint floor (and call it character), or else lift the floorboards and fit packing strips of timber on top of the joists to level it off (if you have even a small bench saw, you can rip strips of timber to whatever thickness you need.)

    Whilst the floor is up, you may even wish to add a layer of insulation over the joists and seal it against the walls before replacing the floorboards - stops draughts and adds insulation.

    Even if the floor joists are rotten, as long as it doesn't go beyond the bathroom it really isn't a major job. But will be a good few £hundred.
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    Deemed a 1 means its not an issue. A three means it needs to be fixed immediately. Yes its only the bathroom which isn't level and it feels firm. I will need to investigate further as soon as I get the keys.

    Thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated!

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