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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by luk4sh31, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. luk4sh31

    luk4sh31 Member

    Can someone please tell me if this drawing make sens. thank you

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  2. Abrickie

    Abrickie Screwfix Select

    Need to cut external skin of existing so that the cavity is continuous ;)
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  3. luk4sh31

    luk4sh31 Member

    it is too late. Is this a thermal bridge? I told this to the builder and he was laughing.
  4. luk4sh31

    luk4sh31 Member

    I would like to add the at the moment I don't have the external insulation on the house. it make is even bigger thermal bridge in my opinion.
  5. jonathanc

    jonathanc Guest

    It is not too late. Contact the building control officer who is checking the work but also tell the builder you won’t pay him until it is done correctly- that will stop him laughing at you
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  6. Abrickie

    Abrickie Screwfix Select

    A continuous cavity when extending isn’t exactly a new thing, follow @jonathanc s’ advice
  7. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Where has the drawing come from? Who has drawn the arrows? What's the reference to external insulation?

    Talk to BC before you upset your builder. (If you threaten that you won't pay him for following drawings and normal practice you WILL upset him!!)
  8. luk4sh31

    luk4sh31 Member

  9. luk4sh31

    luk4sh31 Member

    hello thank you for your reply.

    I wan't say to anything untill I will get the engineer on the site.

    I have make this drawing to explain to the builder and the guy in the shop he buys the material from, this is a thermal bringing I see which they don't.

    Unfortunately this is a extension without planing permission so the documentation is limited. I understand now i should have engineer on the site before the work started. The boulder said it was a easy job as I wanted only a foundation, wall, and roof. He done work in my area and leaves 5 minutes away I assume he can be trusted.

    I don't want to say he did it on purpose he migh just luck knowledge.

    I originally wanted to insulate that part of the wall extetnally but according to the regulation in Ireland the cavity has to be fully filled in order to do it. This is what we agreed but he has changed for kingspan with the gap.

    I have been taking to BER assessor and he agree with me that it is necessary to fill the cavity.

    His guy say this was changed in 2019. The problem is I have a document form 2021 sent to me by Building Standard Office in relation to code of practice in February which says what I stated. I don't understand where he got his knowledge that this was change. He didn't refer to any documentation.
  10. Abrickie

    Abrickie Screwfix Select

    First saw the continuous cavity specified over 20 years ago, on a local authority build, and can’t see the sense in not doing it. If I hasn’t done that, has he bothered with cavity trays, there’s a world of difference between common and best practice ( washing up liquid springs to mind) ;)
  11. luk4sh31

    luk4sh31 Member

    I just wanted to give you the update. The code of practice clearly is on my side but common practice is what is he doing. The engineer and BER expert would certificate his job.

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