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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Jane11, Jul 16, 2018.

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    Hi all, looking for some advice please on tiling a new floor to our garage extension. It adjoins the kitchen which has terracotta 20x20cm tiles and we are planning to get some sort of terracotta tiles in the new bit as well. However we have a couple of questions and I'd be grateful for any opinions please:

    - Is there an advantage to buying unsealed tiles and sealing them in situ? Presealed ones are the same price and would seem a far easier option.

    - If we buy unsealed ones, is sealing them a fairly straightforward job that our builder would be able to manage for us? The shop which sells the tiles also sells and recommends Lithofin products and they say it needs 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of sealant/wax. So it sounds fairly straightforward. Would it be better to find a specialist of some sort to do this to ensure the seal lasts or is it fairly easy?

    - What to do about current terracotta floor which is c20y old and in need of a good clean and reseal. Just got a quote for £3200 from floor restoration people which seems ridiculous for the approx 20-25sqm area that needs sorting. They are not in dreadful condition by any means. Is this just how much it costs?

    Thanks very much.
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    I have never laid terrcotta floor tiles so this is just an opinion, but unsealed tiles can be a pain to grout due to staining of the tiles by excess grout so sealed would clean up much better when finally sealing the finished floor I think.

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