Textured masonary paint on ceiling

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by nakedterry, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. nakedterry

    nakedterry New Member

    Any ideas as to whether or not this can be removed (without sanding!!!!!)?
    Ceiling is normal skimmed platerboard.
  2. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    I doubt that it is textured masonry paint. Probably textured emulsion.

    Very difficult to remove without sanding, and sanding a ceiling is horrendously dusty.

    Suggest you ask a plasterer for a quote to skim over it. Should cost no more than £150 to £250 to do and much easier/cleaner/better finish than any other method.
  3. nakedterry

    nakedterry New Member

    No, seriously Bertie, it is textured masonry paint.
    They used the same stuff to paint the shelter over the front door.
    I spend all my time putting right the henry-halls ups the last owners did.
    Probably will get it skimmed though.
  4. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

    Rekon a skim is your best and less painfull route Terry
  5. nakedterry

    nakedterry New Member

    I was stripping the paper off in that room and a little bit of the paint on the ceiling flaked off. It was very flexible and strong and I noticed that the ceiling where it came from was chalky. SOOOOOO, I shoved the scraper in the crack and the paint came down in massive sheets!!!!
    The ceiling needs some cracks filled but other than that, what a result.
  6. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    I just started reading this and was about to say maybe they hadn't prepared the ceiling well and it will all come down very easily. Then you went and said it.

    Make sure YOU prepare it better ie either remove the chalky(distemper ?) surface or seal it with a good sealer.

    NOT PVA.

    I've used Artex sealer with some success.

    Others will tell you the more expensive ones.

    Mr. HandyAndy - really
  7. nakedterry

    nakedterry New Member

    Cheers HA. I will be removing the chalk and filling it. I will probably give the whole thing a sanding and then mist and paint.
    I'll do it next week though as I am busy doing the bathroom at the moment.

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