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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by oli lfc 101, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    Maybe it's only the "self employed gimp" joiners that use them.

    (....btw you get a 3 year guarantee with Festool).
  2. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Maybe that just sums up the crew of labourers you hang around with down the jobcentre. I've seen plenty of joiners and other trades with festool gear. Face it mate you really dont know what you are talking about. you keep on in your little dreamworld. Who are these imaginary 'lads' you keep referring to. Do they work on the same imaginary 'sites' you work on. Seriously you are really embarassing yourself
  3. Shedmen

    Shedmen New Member

    I generally try not to get drawn into the "tis" "tisn't" threads on the site. However I fell I should point out for the benefit of Mazball that Festool were the first manufacturer to offer the 3 year warranty and that is why Bosch, Metabo and some of the others have followed suit. Festool invented the orbital sander in 1951! one of the reasons the new C12 screwdriver / drill is so light is that it has a brushless motor.

    Anyway as they always say you can lead a horse to water you can't make it drink.

  4. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    you stick to your festool golden.more than happy with bosch and makita.take a few pictures of your work son and let the lads see how good you proclaim to be.probably will still be waiting next taking the pictures of the other joiners work gimp.
  5. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    maz, you are a typical old fashioned british worker who chants the mantra "hand tools are all you need"

    ive heard it so many times when i turn up with festool

    i ALWAYS smile when a couple of months later i see the same ludite with festool gear
  6. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member


    bosch have a new jigsaw with an improved blade guide

    they claim a "world first"

    funny, ive been using a festool jigsaw for over 3 years with the same type of guide
  7. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    ......and I was that luddite.....;)

    (....though don't remember claiming to convert 8x4 sheets with a handsaw !)
  8. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    no chance dirty deeds.been using power tools since the 80's son.never had a problem with bosch,makita or dewalt ludite.why change now.a friend of mine supplies all his lads with the power tools they want.guess what son ,it's all makita and dewalt.
  9. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    make your mind up dirty deeds on another post you've just said makita .what day is it.
  10. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    had a look at festool shedmen and thir tools look old fashioned mate.what's the biggest cordless drill they do cos on that site it only went upto 15.6v.their tools look like the one's they sell in makro.mentions nothing about 3year guarantee on their site,all it says 1 or 2 year guarantee.bit tacky for me champ.
  11. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    mazball. your mate suppiles power tools. only agency guys and alltraders have to be supplied with tools

    ps festool gets me work

    i did a hoarding job today, you wouldnt even be considered for the tendering list, because you dont have festool kit

    like todays hoarding job
  12. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    forgot to answer your question on makita

    todays hoarding job, makita for the screws, festool for the augering and tightening the holding down bolts

    the festool 15.6v drill cant match the speed of the makita for screws BUT the makita hasnt got the impact to tighten holding down bolts AND the makita hasnt got the power to run 25mm auger bits

    why wouldnt you get THIS PARTICULAR hoarding job without festool?

    well the festool skil saw and jig saw are connected to a festool hazardous dust extractor and the job is in a hospital in harley street

    wait and find out how many hospitals start to demand this level of tooling to get on a tendering list
  13. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    so you are seriously telling me mazball that you have been working on sites since the 80's and have never encountered any one who uses festool gear. find that very hard to believe. More likely is that you have been working in the same office since the 80's and the only tools in your fantasy world are bosch(of which I have a fair few of the blue, dewalt( old elu kit is better, let me guess you have never heard of elu and the lads had a good laugh about it) and makita(fair few aswell). Have you heard of any of these DIY Brands. Virutex, Fein, Mafell,Elu,Panasonic etc. Bet the 'lads' on 'site' had a real laugh about them while they were smacking screws in with a hammer
  14. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    you chat bubbles certainly talk the talk lad.go and play.
  15. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    stop it dirty,cos you use festool tools they put you on their tenderig list,behave son.another one chatting spuds.all employers are legally bound now to supply power tools,safety boots and workwear.betcha you have no holidays,work in trainees and scruffy arl jeans.
  16. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    festool 15.6v drill,are you two avvin a tin bath.start cooking on gas lads and maybe try 18 volters and then maybe in a few years buy yourselves a second hand 24v or 36v.
  17. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    ay for smackin screws in with the hammer,that's what it's for innit.the drill is just for takin them out.yeeha.john wayne.
  18. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member


    im self employed so i pay for my own holidays, i dont work in trainers and scruffy old jeans (or safety hat and hi vis jacket that are 10 years old)

    however i am curious your statement that employers LEGALLY BOUND to supply power tools

    what legislation. dont go all cute on me and say health and saftey (or i know you are talking rubbish)

    youve made the statement, so put up or shut up

    im genuinly interested if it saves me money and can quote it to somebody such that they listen and take notice

    give me the act of parliement, its date, clause and sub clause

    NOW, if you give me this information, VERY SPECIFICALLY
    that carpenters are not required to provide anything but hand tools

    i will start a separate topic thanking you for your help

    if not we know you are nothing but hot air
  19. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    tell you what mazball, lets make it easier for you

    what legislation, clause and sub clause requires an employer to supply a TRADESMAN with power tools

    the reason for this is that im DEAD CERTAIN you are nothing but a wind up merchant

    my guess is that you intend to hide behind legislation that requires a hospital worker (not a tradesman) to be supplied with safety gloves to handle old needles

    be aware we all know that an unskilled worker is not a tradesman



    any other information than that will confirm you talk cow pats
  20. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    I have no employer mazball. That is what being self employed is all about. I work in safetys all the time. Have my company name on my shirts and take plenty of holidays thanks. you clearly have absolutely no idea what you are on about.

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