The BIG Bathroom Project

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  1. Jitender

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    Current outdated bathroom.

    Going to do a full renovation, basically strip out everything. Actually been on this for almost 3 solid weeks now.


    Cast iron bath

    Triton electric shower.
  2. Jitender

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    Started stripping off a few tiles and went from there...

    Sink with exposed pipework. Used temp plumbing so could have a working basin.

    Tiles stripped off this wall. Use bonding plaster to make good and left a scratch coat.

  3. Jitender

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    Boxing in for soil stack. House is a twin stack system. The soil pipe terminates out at roof. Plan is to remove this and fit an internal AAV.


  4. Jitender

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    All pipework is clipped on wall so need to sort this out...


    Hot and cold feeds run into cupboard behind the bath. Hot is 22mm and cold is 15mm. There was originally a cylinder in the cupboard but had a combi boiler fitted a while back


    The shower wall is a paramount plaster wall, in bad shape as there has been water getting in.
  5. Jitender

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    Cast iron turned upside down and used as a temporary hop up while the ceiling was skimmed. Lower section of stud wall turned to mush. Decided to strengthen the wall using thicker studwork. I was able to carefully remove this side of the plasterboard and salvage the other side. Removed the thin studs (34mm x 34mm).


    Plasterboard removed

    Stud wall timber now fixed. I just went around the edges with foam so the plasterboard is secured which then dont need screwing in from the other side. Made good any damage and holes. 10mm T&E is shoer feed. Bt decididing to go for a mixer shower. so cable will be redundant.

    Original shower switch was surface mounted. Decided to use a metal back box and terminate the cable.
  6. Jitender

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    Going with hardie backer board. Fitted in 25mm insulation from leftover sheet. noggins have been set to sheet size. and have fitted noggins for the shower pipe so can get a good fixing when mounting the shower. Metal plate to protect cable.

  7. Jitender

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    Pipework for shower. used the templae suplied so I get centres correct.


    An additional timber plate to secure the shower head. Used a bead of stixall as extra fixing before hardie backer goes on.

    Running in the pipes for the shower.

    Full bore isolation valves fitted.

    Pipework now complete and tested.

    Wall now complete and boarded. used stainless steel screws at roughly 200mm centers. cat to countersink each hole. Didn't buy the specialist screws.
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    More stripping. Window wall will be plastered and not tiled. metal angle beads around window were rusting through so decide to re bead this.



    Used 6mm hardie backer around the reveals. and used plastic angle beads so won't rust.
  9. Jitender

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    Sorting out the pipework. Cold is coming at at 22mm. I had replace this in stages.

    I got 22mm as much as I could. The pipe concerts down to 15mm, which supplies only a small basin downstairs WC.


    This was difficult :mad:. I did try soldering the joint, but it failed and decided to use compression fitting on the 22mm cold main. The rest of the pipe work was soldered before as would be hard otherwise.

    Pipework for shower feeds. I pinned the pips in place so wouldn't move when soldering.

    Pipework now below floorboards.

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    First fixing radiator, this is located under the window as having the sink where mirror was. Thought this was a good plan.

    Went for a stainless steel radiator which was alt more but has a longer guarantee and won't rust.

    The pipework will be chased into walls. and skirting board will cover most if I buy the deeper stuff.


    Only a small area of plastering to cover pipes. Will do this afet as wont get slack on pipework at the moment if set in the plaster. Plus need to paint wall before I fit radiator

    Removed radiator for safekeeping.
  11. Jitender

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    Cable installed for mirror. Not sure if I will go for a illuminated mirror. But ended up putting this in now. This wall will be tiled


    Wall now prepared and primed for tiling. Put in a 47mm back box for shaver socket. Not have to do a chase for thi as other side is the WC hich has the boxing in which is a plus
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  12. paj

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    Looks great, I really enjoy following your projects.
  13. Jitender

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    Soil stack will terminate inside. I am planning to make an enclosed unit which will also become a shelving unit.

    I was able to knock off the solvent weld boss junction. The boss was too high for a shower. The waste will enter in the side, unable o get a drill in this void, but managed to drill a pilot hole with the drill at an angle. Ended up turning the holesaw by hand to make the cut.


    Hole drilled after a few minutes.:)

    This floorboard had to be strengthened from above using 18mm ply. One of the feet from the shower tray sits directly above the board.

  14. Jitender

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    Wall now boarded. The large wall is the party wall. I battened this out with 25x50mm treated battens before fixing 12mm hardiebacker board.


    Joints taped using fibre tape. The shower wall is 6mm hardie backer board.

    Trowel over tape with a thin layer of tile adhesive.

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  15. Jitender

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    Tiling begins.

    Going to install a shower tray and decided to tile before the tray goes in. Set battens to tile off from. Hardie backer boards were primed day before.

    Using 600x300mm tiles. Went for a mosaic pattern either side of the patter tile to give some interest. Mosaics not cheap at £18 a sheet. Cut 2 rows which looked better than thick. It also helps avoiding having a small cut on the tiles as wall works out larger than 3 tile widths.

    Tiles cut fairly easy with this cutter. They are porcelain.

    Wall tiled and happy with result.Mosaic a little tricky to lay and used a backing sheet to help.

    Shower wall is just the plain tiles here. Didn't want the rasied pattern tiles. They were set on full tile with the tile trim to the right.


    Holes for pipes made using the Titan holesaw set from SF. Workder really well. Drilled easily and porcelain tile grade is not as hard as some I have used in the past.

    The return wall was also tile. Looked better this way rather than stopping and used the cut from other til so no waste :)

    Tile shop only had square edged trim. Returned this and went for a rounded edge from another shop. Dint want a sharp edge and looks softer. Door architrave will cover the gaps against the door casing. Not grouted this either to give some room for movement etc and dont need to be precise with cuts. Wall above door will be painted.


    After leaving 24 hours grouted the wall. Went with white Mapei grout.

    Tiling now don on both walls. Need to polish off as grout left a haze.
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    Awesome work
  17. Mike58

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    A 1/2" ratchet with suitable socket would make that easier. One hand to move the ratchet back and forth and the other to put gentle horizontal pressure on it. I assume that you don't have a right angle drill!
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  18. Why have you used ptfe tape on the valves in post no 7?, ptfe is not required and a smear of paste is all that is needed if you want. Tape on compression fittings, especially new ones make the job look unprofessional considering how neat the other pipework is you have done.
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    I hate to say it but Deleted member 11267's right (once again), I'd remove the PTFE tape and just smear a bit of jointing compound over the olive instead.

    I never used to use compound but after a couple of difficult fittings now put a smear on as it saves time and hassle.

    Otherwise looking plush!!
  20. Jitender

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    Today is the 3rd week on this now, getting there slowly....

    Shower isolation valves, will sort out clips afterwards, may use saddle clips. Packers just left in place to get spacing. Hot and cold identified with coloured tie straps.

    Test fitted shower fittings and pipe cut to 25mm past finished tiled surcace. Hold drilled also, timber noggin behind will provide the fixing so no plug is required.

    Siliconed around the pipes.

    Back plate is fixed, bedded on thin layer of silicone and used stainless screws.

    Bar shower valve fitted and made sure it is level.

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