The BIG Bathroom Project

Discussion in 'Project Photos' started by Jitender, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. Jitender

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    I do have a mains angle drill but chuck size is only 10mm. The holesaw needs a 13mm chuck.
  2. Jitender

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    Tiling on basin wall, completed this yesterday and grouted today.

    These tiles are porcelain also but a tougher grade, and nightmare to cut. Had to use wet tile cutter for them on a lot of the cuts. Tiles aren't flat like others with lots of ridges.

    Purchases a dry cut drill bit for angle grinder to drill 4 holes in the cut outs then cut remained out with a diamond disc.

    Architrave box for mirror if I go for LED mirror.

    Shaver socket box.


    Tiling above worktop complete. had to do the infill after the tiles set.


    Left gap for worktop. Fitted unit will have an end panel to cover cut edges. Will install skirting boards afterwards.
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  3. Hans_25

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    Nice neat work and good use of quality back boxes :)
  4. Jitender

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    Shower walls now grouted.

    Went over with damp cloth to remove grout film layer, constantly rinsing out cloth.

    Purchased tile cleaner from tile shop which should have been a tile grout remover.

    Tiles and mosaics coming up a lot better now and shining. Went over with a green scoured pad, but not over mosaics as will scratch them.

    Little bit of grout still left on moasics.

    There is also a product available from the tile shop in aerosols which protects/seals the grout, so may put this over the grout to keep them look clean.
  5. You need a 47mm deep ko box for a normal shaver socket, yours looks like 25mm.
  6. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Are 47mm back back, just how I've taken picture.

    A bit more space now with the tiles.
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  7. Jitender

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    Deciding to use fitted units.

    Went with 'slimline units' which are 218mm deep. They didnt have any ervice void for pipes etc.

    To save room room I packed out the units with timber. The end panel will cover them.

    Actually quite sturdy now.

    Units consist o 500mm vanity units with 2 x 300 base units. Wall units and base units were same apperantly as queired why they were labelled as 'wall'. They did have to send out the feet though.

    Units are all joined together which made leveling easier. a 1590mm plitn will cover the feet. The units was set out from the wall as the radiator stick out a bit. This will be covered with an infill panel.

    Timber battens were superglued on and angle brackets fitted. Set to this depth so counter recessed sink will fit. Decided to but the sink up against the tiles rather than cutting out tiles for sink.

    First fix plumbing now complete using corner isolation valves and tap connectors. Waste is 40mm but will convert down from 32mm

    First fix plumbing, taxing to get right. Solvent weld pipe with 40mm compression elbow so joint is removable.

    Vanity units has a lot more service gap then base units.
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  8. Jitender

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    Fitted window cill this morning. UPVC purchased from eurocell.


    Took time to mark it out, left a nosing on either side and superglued on end cap.

    Cill stuck on with foam. Now siliconed around gaps.
  9. Jitender

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    Purchased this from tile shop this morning to remove all reside of grout from tiles. Hard to get off all grout with sponge on these tiles.

    Used aerosol spray grout sealer to seal all grout lines to keep them looking clean.
  10. Jitender

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    Using 12mm ply over the floorboards. floor covering will be cushioned vinyl.

    Went over with a planer to level out some of the cupping on the boards. Planer won't forgive me as damage a blade on screw head :oops:

    Remarked all the cable/pipe loacatios. Treated all the floorboards with preservative.

    Fist plywood piece in place.

    Shower valve now installed, looking forward to nice showers :)
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  11. ElecCEng

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    Looks amazing, better than my efforts to fit and tile our kitchen...

    Nice to see cushion floor being used; much underrated in a world of tile and vinyl click laminate.

  12. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Fitting the basin and worktops.

    The shop was able to cut the worktops to my size as didn't need the 360mm width.

    Made a mistake on the sink cutout panel :oops:

    Had to make up another panel and re-edge it with plastic trim. Should have made up a cardboard template.

    Also fitting the worktop was difficult to get right. Chipboard edge cuts were sealed with PVA.

    Basin now plumbed in. Use old trap just cleaned up, connects into a short lenght of 32mm pipe the converts upto 40mm at elbow.
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  13. Jitender

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    AAV now fitted, used 2 x 45 degree single socket bends to bring out from wall.


    Shower tray now installed, its is 1500mm long.


    Not too happy with the trap that came with the shower tray. So bought another one it has a removable trap.
  14. Jitender

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    Making a storage unit. Plan is to have a partially hinged worktop section, otherwise a waster of space. This will serve as a shelf. Got eh woodwork done today. The panels are removable should I need access to the pipework.


    One more sheet of hardibacker installed. Going to tile this tomorrow as ordered a few more tiles. The other end will be a removable panel.


    Hoping to get this project complete by the weekend. Quite a few little jobs that need doing, which take up most of the time.
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  15. Jitender

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    Fitting architraves, skirting boards and bathroom panels and plinth.


    Door architrave fitted, both the sides had to be scribed into the wall.


    18mm MDF moisture resistant board cut to width with with track saw. Mitre was superglued and the primed.

    Now fitted, ready to receive paint.

    Other section of skirting board also fitted. Most of the board covers the pipework, and there is some movement for the radiator to be fitted. The plinth has been scribed in so it can be removed.


    Last section fitted, left a few mm gap so the flooring can go underneath
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  16. Jitender

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    Had the shower panel delivered this afternnon. Does the glass panel just sit directly on top of shower tray?

    Instructions dont mention anything more.

    I wacthinking of sitting it on top of 1mm clear plastic? Just so its directly off the tray.
  17. Hans_25

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    Might do, depends how it all goes together. Got a piccie or photo to share?
  18. koolpc

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    Bead of mastic?
  19. Jitender

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    I,ve actually used the clear small sticky pads that go on kitchen doors ad a buffet. It gives a few mm gap and then can run a beaf of clear silicone along the bottom.
  20. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Going to upload pictures tommorw.

    Just got vinyl flooring to fit.

    I could actually spend another week doing little jobs and cleaning, but need to wrap this project up.
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