The Fall Out from M.F.I. going Bust

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Simon J, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Simon J

    Simon J New Member

    Had a call today from a bloke who has had a bath installed by M.F.I Apparently it's leaking into the room below. He's phoned M.F.I. but as they're going into receivership they don't want to know.

    Anyone else had similar calls about M.F.I. work started but not completed?

    I told him it would have to be in the new year, but he want's it sorted before Christmas, I think he'll be lucky to catch anyone to do it before the holiday period.
  2. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    What area?
  3. Simon J

    Simon J New Member

    South Manchester
  4. debit cruncher

    debit cruncher New Member

    We lost a job the the "Bath store" a while back. There salesman, gave this woman a price, but did'nt say it did'nt include labour, until she signed. Anyway she then gets a list of "approved installers", and chooses one.
    Well the week before last they start, and after 2 days she gets rid of the first team, calls another "approved installer" they last 3 days before there gone. Then she calls us again, we said "sorry madam we still can't fit you in till end of Fedruary", poor old dear!
  5. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    the bath store list of fitters is a joke, i am on it !they dont check up on the fitters, only if there is a problem, have quoted on bath store jobs and been under cut by chancers, dont look at the jobs properly and doing a carp job
  6. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Pay Chameleons, get flies.

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