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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by markie mark, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. markie mark

    markie mark New Member

    Hi to all,
    I hope you can answer a few questions about conservatory insulation?

    1 has anybody heard of the above company?
    2 is it safe to attach additional wood frame work to the roof?
    3 are there any known problems with trapped moisture?
    4 I'm considering doing this job myself and wondered if you know anyone that has done this

    The roof revive company have quoted me £3100 to do this (3mtrx4mtr)
    I have priced up the meterials and labour in question and came up with a figure of £600? am I being ripped off????????
  2. markie mark

    markie mark New Member


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  3. gormac

    gormac New Member


    I've just carried out this job, follow the link here-

    I reckon it cost me about 12% of the price you have been quoted :)
  4. Colin Staplehurst

    Colin Staplehurst New Member


    Yes I have heard of Roof Revive as we install clip in conservatory roof blinds that dont need screws. Of course these are adjustable and not fixed.  They dont need screws either...

    A typical cost including survey, VAT and Fitting on a conservatory of you size is about £1750

    Colin Staplehurst

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    R WILSON New Member

    Lining a Conservatory Roof should cost £35-00, or less, per sq m2.  For instance a lean to 4 x 3 m2 conservatory is normally £450.00, fitted and installed, whilst a  much larger Victorian type conservatory with lots of cuts and detailed work will cost about a £900.00. For proof of a job well done see Gormac post; found two posts above this one, informing one and all it costs him 12% of the price they quoted him. Gormac used UPVC white cladding, please look at his 4 photos of a DIY job well done.

    Please ask a local joiner or plasterer to undertake this simple job for you and have an holiday with what you save! Always get three estimates. And do not sign up there and then - on the night, always insist on a 7-10 day cooling off period so you can check out their prices. There are reports all over the www of Conservatory Insulation employers and their sales reps overcharging clients.  This price of £3100.00 confirms these rumours, for instance its dearer than block paving or a complete new conservatory roof?

    R WILSON New Member

    Rerefence the Roof Revive Quote of £3100.00 above, for 12m sq 2 of insulation lining.

    I'm adding this bit because it was not made clear by me that the original poster was quoted £3100.00 by Roof Revive of York to insulate his conservatory roof.

    Please be aware the quote of £3100.00, is not for a new conservatory roof but to insulate the old roof only. This sum of money is to insulate 12 sq m2 of under-ceiling with boards etc. The estimated cost of the insulation board materials is £200.00 at most, and the estimated gross profit on this small job is £2600.00.[Two Thousand, six hundred pounds]   Most readers reading this figure of £3100.00, will naturally assume this quote is for a complete new conservatory roof; including new roof spars, new glass, windows, guttering, drainage, electrics and finials, meaning a major roof overhaul is involved. It's Not for a New Roof At All, its for tacking up 12 sq m2 ceiling boards under the existing plastic polycarbonate roof and involves less than a days work. About 5-6 hours work in all.

    Strange as it seems a whole new roof could be done cheaper than the figure of £3100.00 quoted by them, in the alternative a whole new conservervatory [to renew the lot] can be bought for approximately £4500.00 in total with the same 12 sq m2 floor area, doors, windows and foundations.
  7. Bonnielad22

    Bonnielad22 New Member

    We dealt with a great company * they were a third of the price and did a fantastic job check them out if you are serious . I would not try it yourself it's the insulation that creates the temperature control so most stuff would not work. conserv-roof-renu you will find them under too.

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  8. Lyn 1

    Lyn 1 New Member

    Looks great Gormac - shame you dont do this work professionally ! :)
  9. getroofingquotes

    getroofingquotes New Member

    There are many roofing companies out there. Make sure that before hiring the company. Make sure that they are trusted roofing comapany and that the contractors have licensed and has a long experience in thier field.
  10. ScottClayton

    ScottClayton New Member

    I used Roof Revive last year for our conservatory. Cost me  £3500 for 3mtrx5mtr. I'm really happy with the work done, and have had no problems with it thus far (had it for 9 months). My parents in Preston used a company called Cosy Conservatory which do a similar thing, cost them £1600 for a 3mtrx4mtr conservatory. I can't vouch for the quality as I havent seem it myself but they say its a very high standard.

    I gave them a ring out of curiosity and they quoted me £1800 for 3mtrx5mtr, almost half the price I paid. Roof Revive seem to be the main player in for this type of insulation, but their service is WAY overpriced if other companies can do it at half the price. I'd personally look elsewhere.
  11. jimmyjjohn

    jimmyjjohn New Member

    Hi does anyone know of how to save heat loss from a Conservatory Blinds ? I've got an electric heater and thing of screwing in insulated plasterboard to the inside of the roof. Any other ideas?
  12. John Lake

    John Lake New Member

    I had Sagars 365 insulate my conservatory roof. 3x3 and it cost £1,699. Worth it for a great finish and a 10-year guarantee. I wouldn't have trusted myself.

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