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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Tilerwannabe, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. Astramax

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    What's an Art Director? what do you make that I want to spend my hard earned on?.....come on spill the beans??????
  2. Nanook

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    It’s a designer... we make the visual and conceptual designs of products that the customer buys.

    I won’t say too much about me personally on a public forum but i’ll give some examples.

    You buy a box of biscuits. That box is designed in every way by people like me who think of the box shape, how it opens, what materials to make it out of, what the biscuits might be called like ‘chocco yummies’(bad example but you get the idea), the visual graphics of the box ie. the colours, photos etc. Essentially, everything but the biscuits is designed and thought about by someone like me.
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    I spent two miserable years in carpentry college from nineteen to twenty one basically because I wasn't really sure about a career in carpentry as I'd already tried university and found it wasn't for me, didn't have any prior affinity for the trade or anything, was a part time barman at the time for a few years. I didn't have a clue about what it was they were trying to teach me as (in my opinion) one of the fundamental flaws in the education system is they tell you how to do something in a perfect world but never explain why you are doing it, or what it affects. I managed to pass the course and the words my lecturer said at the time were "well done lads, now you can go out and earn money." 90% of the class including myself were so ill equipped for the real job and world that it would have been an utter shambles had any of us started up for ourselves working in people's houses, charging them money and destroying any reputation (and their house) before it had a chance to get off the ground.

    I started on a building site at the very beginning of the 2008 recession, worked day in and out with blokes who were too busy and too bad tempered to teach me anything so I gritted my teeth and persevered and grew to actually enjoy the work once I had half a clue from teaching myself after making every mistake under the sun and learning from them. I went back to college then after a year of working for another two years part time to do my NVQ3 and flew through the course this time as I was doing it for a living by then. The point I'm trying to make eventually is that it took years of real hard seven day week graft for shat money, no respect, no help, real stress, costly mistakes, underpricing, struggling with no tools, vehicles breaking down, etc to get to a decent level through experience that I'm OK with at the moment, but college didn't prepare me in any way or shape for the real world, or help other than give me a useless piece of paper stating I have an advanced construction award.

    As I speak from experience I and surely you and others can spot the signs in the OP that he's looking for another job that pays more than the one he currently does, doesn't look too difficult to learn and is hoping to fast track himself to decent earning potential despite not having any interest in the trade, particularly as he's closer to forty than thirty and may have responsibilities. So rather than him waste money on a college course that won't be worth the paper it's printed on or buy a complete toolkit and van costing several thousand to find he's made a mistake and hates it, to start off I do believe he should get in the garage and mock up a rig to have a go and teach himself the basics, he'll soon find out whether or not it's something he'd like to progress with.
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    I never said i want to be earning more than i am. Im curious to what tilers earn.

    I am interested in the trade, i think it would be great for job satisfaction etc
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    Perhaps it’s worth joining a dedicated tiling forum to ask about salary and prospects.
  6. Tilerwannabe

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    Ah ok thought this was one?? Lol
  7. Nanook

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