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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by fast, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. fast

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    hi i have a pulsar 3x5A dimmer pack. with a din lead for the electronics with loose ends. what can i do with this lead to control the lights???

    i have more infomation standing bye if anybody can help
  2. Pyro

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  3. Owain

    Owain Member

    You put pulsar into google and the second result is for Pulsar Light of Cambridge.

    Find what you've got under Products and there should be a link to the relevant Manuals. The most likely product is Minipack.

    If it's 0-10V then

    3 Channel Minipaks:
    Pin Left Socket Right Socket
    1 Low Voltage Supply Out Low Voltage Supply Out
    2 Earth / Ground Earth / Ground
    3 Channel 1 Thru to left socket pin 6
    4 Channel 2 Thru to left socket pin 7
    5 Channel 3 Thru to left socket pin 8
    6 Thru to right socket pin 3 Channel 1
    7 Thru to right socket pin 4 Channel 2
    8 Thru to right socket pin 5 Channel 3

    The DIN sockets are internally wired to allow a 6 Channel Desk to
    control two 3 Channel Minipaks. If the Desk is connected to the Left
    Hand Socket (the one closest to the Mains Cable) then slider 1-3 on the Desk will control channels 1-3 on the Minipak. If the Desk is connected to the Right Hand Socket then slider 4-6 on the Desk will control channels 1-3 on the Minipak.
    Connecting a standard DIN cable between the remaining DIN Socket on the first Minipak (e.g. right) and the opposite socket on the second Minipak (e.g. left) allows sliders 1-3 to work the first Minipak and sliders 4-6 to work the second Minipak.

    You apply 0V (off) - 10V (full brightness) to the appropriate terminal. This is for analogue control - there is also DMX digital control which is a bit like MIDI, but for lighting.
  4. twin&earth

    twin&earth New Member

    thanks for your help sounds like you know these packs inside out.
    can you tell me more about DMX as i have a a sound blaster exity sound card with din outputs for MIDI.

    Now are you sayin that i can control them via the 2 MIDI conectors on my sound card????
  5. Kirby Castle

    Kirby Castle New Member

    forget it, MIDI and DMX are two TOTALLY different things and are not directly compatable

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