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  1. curious1

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  2. I was skeptical on hitting the spiel page, but actually it looks like a good product. Shame you cannot by polystyrene dust which would do exactly the same thing for much less money.
  3. Almost the same thing anyway - just in case someone points out the lack of radiant reflectiveness of polystyrene.
  4. talking_m

    talking_m New Member

    Thermalate = 'Emperors New Clothes' ...if you know what I mean...!
  5. nakedterry

    nakedterry New Member

    I have used it all over my house. Good stuff.
    I used it on all walls and ceiling in one room and it can get quite warm compared to the other living room. Holds the heat well too.
    Only downside is that it is tough to clean the walls, think sand in paint!
    However, I now only use it on ceilings and I would say it makes a difference.
  6. curious1

    curious1 New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I will try it on interior exposed walls and ceiling first. I have a feeling it will make some difference, however small.
  7. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Whether this stuff works or not, the important thing is does it make the walls 'gritty'?

    If it does, then my advice would be don't touch it with a bargepole. There is nothing worse than walls and/or ceilings that have been painted with paint that looks and feels gritty. You may love it and it may save you a few pennies a year in heating costs, but could costs you a lot more if you sell it. The number of times I have been asked if it is possible to remove textured coatings
  8. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    Is possible to remove textured coatings ?
    Theres another one !! :)

    IWS: Information With a Smile :)
  9. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    I wonn't even bother to reply, Stupid

    IWS: Bum Information with a Smirk:)
  10. andcro

    andcro New Member

    I would like this stuff to work but there are so many cons around and this sounds just like one more!

    I did find an article on the NASA website about thermal paint -
    and that mentions thermal paint developed by a company called Insuladd.

    They have international distributors, but none in the UK!

    Surely a company wouldn't have developed a product like this for NASA and NOT have a worldwide patent on it. This makes me think that the Thermilate is a cheap copy, maybe with polystyrene beads used instead of a vaccuum.

    There is at least more information on the Insuladd site than the Thermalite one, also this - "Tech Traders Inc. has seen a number of companies spring up that claim to have NASA technology. These companies are simply adding common microsphere products to paints or selling them as "insulating additives for paint". Tech Traders Inc. recommends that consumers look closely for real and verifiable 3rd party laboratory testing prior to purchasing any product that claims to be an insulating paint or insulating additive." there you go - common microsphere products!
  11. andcro

    andcro New Member

    Here is a better test:

    All NASA developments which have been released for the benefit of the public are listed on the Spinoff database. You can search it from this link:

    Thermilate is NOT found, but Insuladd and Hy-Tech are!
    I guess this is the way to find out if any "developed by NASA" claims are actually true!

    I wonder if Screwfix will get some of this stuff in stock then?!
  12. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    Why are you replying to a 3 year old post?
  13. mitebowen

    mitebowen New Member

    I had gone through the post. Thermilate Insulating paint additive and environmental Issue. I have seen this product applied to concrete wall, the small granules make th epaint slightly matt in texture, The funny thing is if you put your hand on the wall it feels warm. I can't say it is totally different from normal paints, but I feel the difference on it when compared with the normal paint. Please produce some more attached files for the detailed view of the topic.

    insulated paint

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