This explains the reality of virus

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Heat, Mar 26, 2020 at 12:54 PM.

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    The section about how it can remain viable and alive in the air for several hours is particularly scary I thought... Glad I watched it though..
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  3. Heat

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    Yes, the aerosol test is what freaked me out revealing 3 hours or more lifespan of virus floating about.
    Also glad I watched it as liked the simplified explanation of the virus test results.
    Won’t do any harm to be over cautious and assume the tests are reliable, therefore keep isolated next weeks.
  4. longboat

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    This virus and all others are killed almost instantly on contact with copper.

    Yet another nail in plastic pipes coffin.
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  5. Heat

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    I was told years ago same about copper and metals that contain copper, like brass. Bacteria and other organisms do not live long on copper.

    Door knobs and handles in brass or copper is much safer than stainless steel as less likely to spread germs.

    Plastic is porous and also has not the properties to kill germs.
    Must add that to my list of anti plastic plumbing. :)
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  6. Tuxornot

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    Finally, something to feel good about, not using plastic pipes when I re-plumbed the kitchen pipe work while being advised its quicker to use plastic, went for copper all the way.

    I don't plumb much, but I do get a lot of satisfaction from doing a solder joint that doesn't leak and using a blow torch without setting the house on fire.

    Its not just copper that has anti bug properties, silver does too, there's an interesting fact about silver coins and ladies of the night from days of old but I don't think its a topic for here, so you'll have use your imagination :p
  7. Odd Bodkin

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    You've got more chance of being struck by lightening.
    Only one person has died of this in Derbyshire - out of a population of nearly 800.000.
    Good odds.
    I wish people would quit wetting themselves over this and take precautions without losing their sense of perspective.
    All of a sudden everyone's taken up baking and blowing their nose on bog roll.
    The government have done nothing to allay concerns and in the early days spread nothing but panic and confusion.
    Just keep your distance and your **** together and all will be well.
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  8. Tuxornot

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    I'll have you know that I have always baked my bog rolls and blew my nose on cake, its not a new thing ya know !
  9. Joe the Plumber

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    Me too...!
  10. ajohn

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    I found the videos useful. ;) Mixed feeling about medical advice but I usually use aspirin. I have always thought it extends common illnesses so for some time I have just taken one in the evening for a bit of a break from what ever it is.

    The odds - get worse as people get older. Many areas are lagging behind the London area but are still showing signs of catching up. The number of people living there influences the number of cases and deaths.
  11. greenback78

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    That’s wrong. 4 deaths confirmed in Derby hospital on the 25th alone. And 139 confirmed cases as of today in Derbyshire. Chances of being struck by lightning in the UK are 1 in 1m in a heavy thunderstorm year and as little as 2m (Rospa and BMJ).
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  12. quasar9

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    Indeed copper is antimicrobial and works for flu virus too but silver is even better. before this becomes a copper vs plastic debate, the tests are conducted on a clinically clean copper surface free of oxidation and dirt. Once a layer of oxide has formed with some oils and dirts thrown in, the state most pipes are, it’s debatable if it’s antimicrobial properties are much different from plastic. Plastics too can be made antimicrobial with additives but primary purposes here is to keep its surface looking clean by preventing growth of microbial organisms.
  13. Tangoman

    Tangoman Active Member

    .. at the moment - I'll finish that sentence for you.

    If Derbyshire is currently low risk, then use that time to prepare because it won't be long before the chances of encountering the virus rise rapidly.

    I warned my 80 year old mum about what precautions to take a month back - it took her 3 weeks to really grasp everything and make the changes, but I'm pretty confident now she's doing everything reasonable she can.

    Also - as greenback said - 139 confirmed cases today - only testing people who've been hospitalised which is between 5 and 10% of the total - so there could easily be over 2000 cases and that will rise as time goes on.
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  14. Muzungu

    Muzungu Well-Known Member

    181 deaths on today's update, sharpest increase yet. source
  15. PaulBlackpool

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    I thought I should point out that the original poster's video entitled :-
    Viral aerosol and surface survival
    has been taken down by Youtube ;_

    I have a small Youtube channel and I have heard that they are clamping down on on what they might perceive as misinformation
    about Coronavirus. This might be a "catchall" that could take off genuine content and this guy did sound genuine.
    He has a very calm and engaging voice and manner but then he would wouldn't he. (Shades of Mandy Rice-Davies for those old enough to remember.)
    He has done loads of videos but the video has been taken down over breach of copyright. Maybe by the publisher of the book he was trying to flog.
    Might be a technicality,error by Youtube .His other videos are still there. What do you think?

    PS: Maybe I might not need to stockpile too much toilet paper if I stopped watching his videos. They certainly scared the **** out of me.
  16. Tangoman

    Tangoman Active Member

    It wasn't a great video, but the research he refers to is completely valid. source (Actually link to source is in the guardian article, but the original is pretty heavy reading)
    Summary: The virus can survive in aerial droplets for up to 3h (indoors), will be lower outdoors
    24h on Cardboard (probably paper too)
    72h on metal/plastic (although copper is much less)

    The significance of all this is:
    1) avoid crowds outdoors and public buildings - the more people who have been through a given air space, the more chance that some covid is lingering in the air
    2) Treat everything that comes into your home, including stuff you took out, like shoes, phone, wallet, as contaminated (mail, food shops etc) Either leave it in "quarantine" for 72h, or clean it.

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