This is a joke..... right?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by longboat, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Can't provide a link Longs, but at our hospital, around 90% of their training budget is spent on doctors, leaving not a lot for the rest of anyone who requires training. Some of it is offset by the fact that we have student nurses on placement from another NHS Trust (they pay our NHS Trust whilst they are on placement). I have yearly, two yearly, and three yearly mandatory training that needs to be done. Sometimes my training matrix gets slightly out of date, simply because there's no courses available at the time. (got three mandatory training courses due within the next 4 months)
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  2. I wish I wish I wish that the u-s had a more sophisticated sense of humour so that their posts would at least entertain when they don't actually

    Really, a very poor show.

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  4. longboat

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    You mean...

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  6. Could you possibly find anything to back you up that isn't on a 'Brexit' website...?
  7. Isitreally

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    If you read it, it links the NHS sites that the information comes from.

    Unlike your sources (Guardian ) who just make the carp up.
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  8. Mr. Handyandy

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    Could you possibly mean something on a 'remoaner' site to back up a Brexit view?

    That'd be as rare as the opposite.

    And the word/phrase of the year is 'Fake news'.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    Isitreally, you must by now realise that DA will not accept hard, proven facts, if they are not aligned with his own warped way of thinking.
  10. You and Trump.

    What a pair.
  11. longboat

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    Care to provide a link that shows what data is correct/incorrect?
    I've a feeling you're comparing apples and oranges again, JoT.

  12. The clue was in the words.

    The nmc register.

    I am sure it will be a case of apples and oranges. Choosing what to highlight and what to omit no doubt.
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    The nmc register is just that, a register.
    The number of nurses and midwives who've paid the £120 to be on it does not reflect the actual number who are employed and practicing.
    It is a legal requirement to be registered when employed as a N/M in the UK, but it's not a legal requirement to be employed before registering. That's the difference.
    Why would someone pay the fee when there's an ever increasing chance of not gaining employment from doing so?
    The number of nurses and midwives working in the NHS was higher in June 2017 than it was in June 2016.
    That's one year after brexagedon.
    Tis, strange what you can find when you don't rely on a single source of information, ain't it?
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    Yep, they have to have this NMC pin number. I can assure you that the NHS do indeed require all nurses to be registered with the NMC before being employed by the NHS. All nurses are required to provide their NMC pin number before becoming employed by the NHS.. No pin number, no bloody job. Even student nurses (once qualified), have to provide their pin number before being employed by the NHS (yep even on their probationary first year)
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    Well thanks for demonstrating how to do it in one short post, DA.
    Hats off to ya!
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    Indeed, as I said "you have to be registered to be employable".
    There's also a rather difficult language test which was introduced in 2016 that must be passed before employment is granted, but a n/m can still pay the annual registration fee and be accepted before taking the test.
    Word gets round.
    Numbers drop.
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  17. Apples and oranges. I will post the info in graph form later. From the source I mentioned. I am sure you saw it.

    Tis really strange what you can find when you dont rely on a single source of information. I agree.
  18. Why, than'yoooo.

    And I wasn't even trying to be funny in that post. I was being perfectly serious.
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    No, don't know what that first bit means, DA. Do try to speak English will you.
    If that's your idea of sophisticated wit. .
    You aren't really in a position to criticise others, now are you?
    I'd stick to being serious if I were you.

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