Thistle Multi Finish or One Coat???

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Purple Steve, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. Purple Steve

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    I have got a job on Wednesday to skim a bedroom, approx 10 feet by 12 feet, with 8 individual wall sections (as opposed to the normal 4), plus the window reveal. The current bedroom is the original 1960s plaster, with securely attached paint, in poor condition.

    If I was a proficient at plastering (Robbo or The Blones), it would be done in about 4 hours. However, I can get an acceptable finish but it takes me time. I normally use Thistle Multi Finish, 2 coats (a new batch for the 2nd coat), and cos I am on my own, it takes me time to mix up, clean up and get the muck on the walls.

    Would it be quicker and easier (and still get an "acceptable finish") using Thistle One Coat?

    The method I was going to use is:
    fix angle beads
    PVA walls (2:1 mix)
    Plaster while walls still tacky.

    Thanks for any advice.


    PS how much should I be charging?
  2. Purple Steve

    Purple Steve New Member

    knock knock....

    I'll use multi finish then.

    May PVA the walls before I tile the next bathroom I do (hopefully get a response...)

  3. Stevemastic

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  4. plastererboy

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    I personally never use one coat plasters! Too much of a pain to work with! I swear by the Thistle Multifinish for reskimming rooms!
  5. brumpeople

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    Talking of Thistle Multi Finish is there anything you can add to to this to delay its setting time long enough to skim a large ceiling in one mix?
  6. wgr

    wgr New Member

    yeah, multi finish and board finish are what you need depending on the surface i only use either of them for a finish.
  7. DB Builders

    DB Builders New Member

    £350.00 plus vat....good and out in a day;-)
  8. Purple Steve

    Purple Steve New Member

    if it were a private job, I would have priced at £300 no VAT (below £60k threshold). However it was for a housing association so I get £140. Bummer. Didn't finish it today cos of cracks in one wall (had to get it surveyed by someone cos its the housing association paying), and when I got there tenants hadn't finished stripping wallpaper. Did a nice job (so far) 1960s plaster sucks up like a sponge, but is straighter than victorian houses. Tenant very impressed. Also didn't get started until 1030 cos tenant was on school run, then problems due to cracking.

    Thanks for the help guys,


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