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    This is a gardening rather than landscaping question, so apologies if screwfix not the right place for it.

    Two or three years ago I planted a thorn-less blackberry near the gap in a hawthorn hedge. I became distracted and left this area to itself which resulted in massive overgrowing with weeds etc. I spotted some really pathetic blackberries at the end of the summer and assumed the forgotten plant had survived. After a complete clearing of the area .. sure enough the plant was there with a couple of 1 metre shoots but no fruit. A foot away was a bramble (massively thorned as my blood loss can confirm, so definately not the same plant) with three main shoots and it was off the older of these that the pathetic fruits had appeared. The other two shoots are each at least 20 foot long with a number of side shoot from these between 6 and 10 feet long .. but bearing no fruit. Some of the side shoot have taken root at the end but clearly recently as roots are very small/shallow.

    So at last to the question .. is it possible that if I've mistaken where the pathetic fruits originated in the tangle of hedge and brambles that the thorny bramble is a plant that will never fruit and just be a nuisance to be dug up .. or if I manage/prune correctly do ALL brambles produce fruit?

    Thanks .. if this not the right place any other site advice gratefully received; I've not had much luck with google regarding the question of "do never fruiting brambles exist?".
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    Interesting question, although I have no answer, but I'm sure someone on here will help.
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    Hiya buddy,

    It is possible that the Blackberry has been "starved out" by the bramble, try getting rid of it ( the bramble that is) and see what happens.
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    Bramble blackberry bushes and only flower on the second year’s growth…..did you get any flowers? Poor fruit setting could be down to fungi, viruses, or lack of bees and insects.

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