Thoughts on Bo's comments?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Allsorts, Aug 8, 2018 at 9:27 AM.

  1. Allsorts

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    Just because you felt like it?

  2. People are free to do as they desire...protesters protest because they feel like it.
  3. Allsorts

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    What I mean is - you cannot just say anything. You shouldn't offend for the sake of offending.

    If you have a disagreement with someone - say a neighbour - expect to be booked if you start slagging off their mum as a dirty wh***.

    I disagree with Rowan Atkinson on his comments here too; (a) Bo's comments were not 'funny' - they were childish and not in the least bit witty, and (b) Bo' was not insulting a valid point about Islam but the victims of that religion's misogyny.

    As well Bo' knows. He had to make it cheap to hit his target audience.
  4. I agree with your points there AS
    - People should not offend for the sake of offending, however they are free to say what they like and if that offends some people, so be it.
    - I kinda agree with RA's comments, but I take your point that Bo's comments were inappropriate given who he is and his position. And I especially agree that his comments were targeting the victims of that religion's misogyny - this is the crucial bit. He could have said something that made clear it is the women being forced to wear this horrific clothing that are the victims and instead call out the barbaric practice of being forced to wear this clothing.
  5. Heat

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    It depends who you direct criticism to. If you speak to a person in the street, whether a stranger or someone you know, and tell them they look like a bank robber etc, then that would be a personal insult.
    But to speak in public about a section of our community or religion is fair game. Different if you are advocating violence.
  6. btiw2

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    I think I'm with BloominS here.

    Assuming we reject the religious (mainly Abrahamic?) idea of the soul, and I think we do, what is the soul? [1]
    What makes an individual, well... individual I s'pose?

    It must surely be our original thoughts and feeling.

    Why qualify that with "original"?
    If I can find out a person's thoughts and opinions by looking them up in a tabloid, or even a philosophy book, then why do I need the person?
    If someone's wit is regurgitating jokes that they've read elsewhere, then just give me the ISBN of their joke book and they're not needed.
    I think genuine feeling certainly originate with the individual. We've all met people who may never have an original thought in their lives[2], but their personality is clear from their expressions of joy and sadness.[3]

    Viewed this way, restricting a person's ability to express their thoughts and feelings is a horrendous crime. It becomes a sort of solitary confinement of the soul.
    We're saying that that person's thoughts and feelings - their soul - can't be allowed out in public. I'd rather you just imprisoned my body.

    Nobody is saying that all thoughts should be expressed, but there has to be a very good reason to restrict them.
    The weakness of a joke is insufficient reason.
    Neither should all feelings be expressed. It's probably healthy to express feelings of anger, just not with a lump hammer.

    I'd much rather Boris showed us his soul than restrict its expression, that we may better know him, and thereby know that he's a bit of a knob really.

    [1] Oh Christ. When I start a post with "what is the soul", you know I'm about to climb up my own 'soul.
    [2] *cough* - nothing - there is no footnote here.
    [3] I suppose this leaves me with the question about people who have neither original thoughts nor feel things too deeply. Dunno. Leave your atoms by the door - I might be able to find a use for them later?
  7. longboat

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    It's a bit rude not to include T. Blair in that damning list seen as the media coined the phrase for him and new labour.

    Oh, and, chip's?
    You're now a chavvy trump fan.
    Me too.
    Mondeo men.
  8. Heat

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    Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn rarely seem to be included in the list of politicians who manipulate and cause offence. Maybe that is because they are Labour
  9. HarDeBloodyHarHar

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    Has anyone had the thought that Boris was actually not criticising the person, or the religion, but the outfit?

    The outfit makes them look like a bank robber. The outfit makes them look like a letterbox.

    You wear the white bib and black suit, you look like a penguin. Fact.
    The suit makes you look like a penguin, regardless of who you are inside!
    No personal insult at all.
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  10. Heat

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    Nuns look like penguins and that is a fact. :)
  11. longboat

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    There’s not an iota of political gain that may be garnished from such a logical interpretation, hdbhh.
    The man voted leave and that's all that matters when the agenda is to demish all resistance to the undemocratic, EU.

    He writes an opinionated newspaper article and all of a sudden it's a coded message that only the 'far right' can decipher as a call to arms.
    The, Owen Jones, Soubry, Clark and Corbinistas really are getting desperate if they feel the need to spread such propaganda.
  12. Isitreally

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    This response wasn't what the interviewer was expecting.

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  13. facilities

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    An intelligent article, which may not suit some on here, she appears to give measured response to the ridiculous Burka non story and from a practising Muslim, but these details were already known, so the tactic was changed to accuse Boris of elevating his profile with these comments, that could be true but so what who cares, he has the backing of many in this country including the Muslim lady in this article
  14. fillyboy

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