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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by SamSay, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. SamSay

    SamSay New Member

    So over a month my attic has been leaking. Having had 3 roofers in the problem still not solved. The first came charged over 500 and we never saw the guy again when it started leaking again. Another came diagnosed it and then did not bother to show up again. 3rd came tried to fix but still leaks now chasing him up.

    There are no missing tiles and no apparent cracks on the apex of the roof. Though saying that that is what the roofers have said and have to take their word on it.

    I got a pic of the leak maybe you guys can give some thoughts or refer a roofer who could fix.


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  2. blarblarblarblar

    blarblarblarblar Active Member

    Is that the ridge, photo only really shows the wall. How much water do you get, and is it only during really heavy/ prolonged rain?
  3. koolpc

    koolpc Screwfix Select

    Have you been in attic when raining to try and investigate?
  4. SamSay

    SamSay New Member

    Yes it's from the corner right at the top it drips down from the ridge. It also trickles down the beam and where there is a gap it leaks down.
  5. SamSay

    SamSay New Member

    Yes with heavy rain it comes from the top corner like in the pic and trickles down.
  6. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    It’s possible the mortar between the ridge tiles has dislodged, cracked or fallen away. Similarly, if you have a wet verge (mortar) with no gable ladder then it’s again possible for wind to be blowing rain through any gaps.
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  7. koolpc

    koolpc Screwfix Select

    Water can run from another location and end up where it is now.
  8. SamSay

    SamSay New Member

    OK thanks for the heads up will be sure to mention this to the roofer if and when I find him.
  9. wiggy

    wiggy Screwfix Select

    A picture of the roof would help.

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