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    We've had a doorway opened between our living room and kitchen. In the kitchen we have tiles on top of underfloor heating.

    The edge of the tiles if fairly untidy and won't allow us to fix a bar down to secure carpet for the living room. THere's loads of excess grout(?) and we do also have a cable popping out for the heating on one end.

    I've got to tidy it up before the carpet is fitted - what's the best way without risking breaking the tiles?

    Carpet guy who popped round did do a little with a wood chisel - seemed doable. Would very carefully continuing that be the best way? Concerned that the tiles might crack on the edges since I might not be as skilled as he was!

    Recently also got a multitool and wondered if cutting it wouldn't be better but the also concerned that I might cut through cables that I can't yet see.

    Any suggestions?

    Pic if it's helpful:

  2. Dr Bodgit

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    I'd probably use an old wood chisel with mallet and be very careful about removing what looks like adhesive. Don't use power tools, too much risk of cracking or lifting the tiles, or hitting UF heating wires if they protrude.
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