Tighten nut to fix drip?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Decastro, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Decastro

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    We have a thermal solar water heating system which pumps antifreeze round a boiler. Unfortunately it has started leaking at a rate of about one drip every couple of minutes. The liquid was soaking into our floor and starting to smell. As a temporary measure I have fashioned a tin foil funnel which channels the drips into a glass which you can see in the attached image. The drip appears to be emerging from the underside of the big nut you can see in the picture. It is very tempting to take a mole grip to that nut an see if tightening it will fix the problem but I am nervous that it could make things worse (I am not a plumber!).

    Am I right to be nervous or should I just go ahead and give it a go?

    I presume clockwise would be the way to turn the nut!?

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  2. CGN

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    Most plumbers would try ‘nipping’ it up to see if it stops as the only other approach if this doesn’t work is to drain drain, and strip it down to investigate.

    You have to be careful as an immersion tank isn’t the most robust of items, so get a proper fitting spanner or a decent adjustable and see if it will nip up. It’s a feel thing as regards the amount of force you need, so just go steady.
  3. xednim

    xednim Active Member

    as CGN said- first you have to try tightening in many cases it helps but sometimes you might over tighten and after that you will need to replace section of the pipe as the compression will de-calibrate the pipe (had this problem few times), putting too much force can also damage weld between cistern and connector , you have to be really gentle doing that, if problem does't stop you will need to drain the system out unscrew the nut and put PTFE on the olive- and re assemble it
    mole grip is not really good thing to use in here, you should have a spanner where you have more control over it
  4. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    i have got away with this undo nut if poss usually can,t do especilly if old the paste gos hard and they will not undo if no paste your on a winner
    wrap ptfe around threads and olive without pulling it apart and tighten up worth a go
    otherwise its a drain down
  5. Decastro

    Decastro New Member

    Thanks for all the tips.

    That's interesting - I had assumed that if I turned the big bolt anticlockwise that the fluid would come gushing out like a tap - but it sounds like what you're suggesting is that the nut may just be a tightening mechanism around an olive (I just googled olive)... so it's possible I could just undo the nut completely, wipe off any old dried paste if there is any, wrap some pfte tape round the join and then tighten it all up again. Have I got that right?
  6. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Active Member

    That will probably result in lots of water escaping past the olive! I wouldn't try that.

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  7. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    yes will work has worked for me however and there usually is keep olive against fitting and rolltape over top you need three hands for this or may be luky and the inertia will hold it if not see cando
  8. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    BE WARNED - if you undo the nut this is most likely cause a potential flood so ignore this reficulous advice from gas monkey. He may have got away with it before because he was working most likely on an empty cylinder.

    Take the advice - nip the nut up gently with an additional amount of force in a clockwise direction. If it stops the leak then great!
    If it doesn’t you will need to isolate and drain the cylinder, remove fitting clean and reapply.

    Worst case senario:
    Hopefully it is not leaking from the manufactures union that goes into the cylinder. The manufacturers union can be disturbed if the pipe joining it is excessively over tightened. If it is the manufacturers union may be difficult to fix and may result in new tank?
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  9. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    ignore if wish only tring to help easiest way
    i worked on full cylinder been doing alsort in the trade over 41 yaers lots of experance never had a complaint
    its your call listern and learn from all even the negative as all comments are to help in one shape or form good luke sir
  10. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Active Member

    Before you try tightening the fitting up, try loosening it a smidge to break the seal. Once its turned a bit, then can tighten up. Will place less stress on the fittings and tank this way.
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  11. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    There is always an easy way gas monkey always an easier way but you never advise somebody to undo a nut/ remove on a hot water cylinder that potentially has pressure behind it that can cause a sudden and dangerous escape of hot water or chemically treated/ central heating fluid. In either case how would a novice seeking advice be able to reposition pipe with potential scolding hot water pouring out at high volume.
    Gas monkey - think before you advise because your suggestion is absolutely rediculous and potentially could lead to a dangerous situation resulting in injury to a person or least case flooding a property out
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  12. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    If nut/ olive is loosened whilst cylinder is filled with water the pipe has potential to blow out from the union and the locking olive and the cylinder could be filled with hot water at pressure? Worst case scenario flood or injury as result?
    Read my post to GAS MONKEY
  13. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    people are not as inept give people some credit afterall they can decide for themselvs if they fell able competent
    top of the olive tree very sorry for what ever has offended you as you will not explain i can,t be anymore specific
    you do not need to fallow me and put me ddown in front of anyone
    I have and would not do this to someone i know nothing about so am at a loss why you are
    lets just leave it and you do what you do so well to someone else and ill just try and give help to others if they choose to take it
  14. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    Decastro - please read my posts if you really do want professional advice - it may save you either injury or a flood.
    Good luck
  15. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    so if its not personal why the pic?
    you can walk into a house with a lighted cigerete it will not ignite
    only uneeducated people know that do yourself a fav google stuff as you do not know what you are saying befor you have said it and unfortunatly you then look stupid sorry just pointing out the obviose
    never cased harm through my advice or actions but you have an example of how you have reacted in this forum
  16. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    hans 25 has givedn you good info but if olive is not been torqed on properly they can blow off when undone so if do this put force against it so it want poss blow off
  17. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    Gas Monkey if a house is absolutely 100% filled to the brim with gas your correct in suggesting it will not explode with a lighted cigarette.
    However most and highly likely the gas contained in a house with leaking gas pipe appliance will be mixed with air at the correct ratio 5 to 15% mix making it highly explosive that has the potential to harm life and property

    By stating to the public in your previous post that I am responding too your are misleading and effectively telling them that a house full of gas will not explode? It is misleading information missing important facts that can endanger life. It is important if you wish to boast about your obvious lack of knowledge you include the facts so as not to mislead
  18. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    So what you are really suggesting gas monkey is ITS BETTER NOT TO LOOSEN NUT?
  19. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Well-Known Member

    This makes a change from the electricians! In fairness I don't usually know what they're going on about though.
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  20. Honestly

    Honestly Member

    Where’s your mate chippie gas monkey? he’s normally behind you running me down also when I am merely protecting the public from bad advice from you that has the potential to cause harm to persons or property?

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