Tile backer boards straight onto stud walls?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by stevenslorach, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. stevenslorach

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    Im planning on redoing my bathroom into a wet room with some built in units along one wall. Im planning on doing the 2 stud walls with tilebacker board straight onto the studwork. I plan to use 12mm boards, but on the smaller wall with the door I could do with gaining just a few extra mm's to fit in the unit configuration that the wife wants? My query is would I get away with using 6mm boards on this wall rather than move the whole partition, or end up with filler pieces at the end of the run of units when using smaller ones.
    The tiles wont be heavy stone tiles or anything like that, just 'normal' ceramic tiles. The wall is 2450 x 1950 with a door 450 in from one end. I can put in extra studwork when I remove the plasterbaord if that would be required.
    I realise its not the correct way to do it but has anyone done it before with success?

  2. Captain Leaky

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    Bad idea, also a bad idea having units in a wet area.
  3. stevenslorach

    stevenslorach New Member

    Ok thanks, I thought that would be the answer, Ill do it the right way and go with the 12mm.
    The units are at the other side of the bathroom from the shower seperated by the glass screen and will be wall mounted aswell so off the floor.
  4. Captain Leaky

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    To be honest wet rooms are always potential problems, better off making a wet area within the bathroom.
  5. Alpha dock

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    It is possible to use the 6mm board, but there would have to be adequate support behind to hold the board solid. Plying between the studs/noggins so that the face of the ply is flush with the face of the stud and then backerboard over this would be my suggestion.
  6. Mr. Handyandy

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    If you are making that wall up, you could always use slightly smaller studwork. Plane it yourself, or planed timber would be 6mm smaller!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  7. tictic

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    with what ever cement based backer board you go with...hardie/aquapanel etc...give their tech guys a call..

    6mm boards are designed for floor...but they can be put on walls with the correct application etc...stud spacing..etc..
  8. *
    As long as the manufacturers instructions are followed properly, it's perfectly possible to put tilebacker board straight on to stud work - that's the whole point of them!  The purpose and function of tilebacker is to create a waterproof barrier to be tiled on to.

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  9. G Brown

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    No-one is disputing that you can put hardibacker onto studwork! DOH!

    We are however suggesting that 6mm board on a wall is a bad idea.
  10. Rowdey

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    Sure we've all been caught out at times and needed that extra couple of mm - For me, notably when a Daryl screen rocked up which had no adjustment on one side.. :eek:

    If it has to be done, then as AD says, flush line 18mm ply between all studs, and attach the board with <say> WEDI washers to help spread the load. Job done, and 10mm thick 60x30 Porcelains solidly in place. :)

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