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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by catrina, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. catrina

    catrina New Member

    I’ve just had tiles fitted in my first home (new build) to the kitchen floor and the connected W.C. plus I added on replacement of toilet, sink and radiator including boxing in of concealed cistern with tiling halfway up the wall in wc.

    I went with the 1st quote as I thought with the tiler being a semi retired one he must have done this all his life.

    I don’t want to moan at all as I know he had a hard time with me ordering the incorrect radiator valves and needing to get a different toilet outlet and cutting in of the vanity sink as I had a floor waste instead of a wall waste outlet.

    But I’m not really happy with the edges of any of floor tiling. It seems messy and he’s used a darker grout than I had asked for. So it shows up against the white tiles more. He’s also done the tiles against the kitchen unit kick boards instead of under. Some of them were not even fixed so are sitting at an angle but the tiled are right up against them.

    My question is - can I change the edging grout to silicone? In white. So that it’s not as noticeable? Or any other solution to make the edges look better?

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  2. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Active Member

    Wow, that does not look good at all. A dark grout has been used, and the issue is compounded as the tiles are not cut clean.

    Issues like this can be difficult as it needs to be established what was asked for, and what has been put in writing. What colour grout was specified for the floor, and how was this communicated? Was the edging of the tiles also discussed and agreed how it should be finished?

    Ideally in when laying floor tiles, they would be laid before the kitchen units are put in, so then kick boards, end panels and the like would be laid on top. In your case, I would have thought the tiler would have removed kick boards, laid tiles then cut kick boards before replacing them but if this was not agreed, then you're on a bit of a sticky wicket.

    Have you paid for this yet? It might be possible to silicone the inside corners where the floor tiles meet the wall, but not sure how long this would last and stay looking good.
  3. catrina

    catrina New Member

    No I have never dealt with anything like this before so I just assumed he would know what was best. I did say lightest grey grout. I was going to order it myself but he said he would buy it and include in price. I paid him as didn't want to make a fuss. But Now I just want to find a solution myself and sort it myself as I don't want to deal with him again. I was thinking maybe I can add beading to cover the edges? and do white silicone on the doorway and WC. As for the kickplates I will probably have to leave that or remove them all scrape grout off and then add white silicone.
  4. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    That hasn't been done with any care. Ideally it would have been tiled before kick boards and skirting boards were fitted. And the door frame should have been undercut so the tile could sit underneath and not have that huge hole. For the joints with the skirting boards - the grout is going to crack there. You could either fit scotia beading, which doesn't look that great, or a silicone bead, which might be better.
  5. gpierce

    gpierce Active Member

    This isn't great, but it could be a lot worse. It looks as though he hasn't done a terrible job, it's just the finishing details are sloppy / lazy, but the tiles appear to be otherwise laid level, so not a total cowboy mess.

    Personally I wouldn't use beading, I'd run white silicone all around the edge instead. Your skirting boards are white, and the silicone will give a seamless transition - if done properly you'll probably barely notice. SF do some silicone smoothing tools that make getting absolutely perfect silicone lines relatively easy. I'd go for an 8 or 10mm bead all the way around the edges to cover the grout and overcuts, inconsistencies etc, and if done neatly the silicone probably won't even be noticeable at a glance. I've done exactly the same to neaten up round the base of a curved shower tray where flooring had been cut round it and there were inconsistent gaps. The silicone over the top gave a consistent line, and blends in well with the shower tray. Nothing wrong with using beading if you'd prefer, I just think it would be more visible.

    As for the kickboards, one option might be to take them off, have them trimmed so they can sit over the tile, then take off the fittings on the back of them and put 10mm or so of packing behind each of the clips and reattach them, so the whole kickboard moves forward by 10mm, hopefully covering the join.

    In terms of where you stand legally, I don't think you are in a great position I'm afraid. For example with the grout colour, how dark a 'lightest grey' grout is would depend on how many shades of grey were available when he was getting the grout. If the merchants he used had a small range, that might be the lightest grey grout, even though other places do lighter. The second problem you'd have is even though the quality of the edges isn't great, I think it's good enough that you would need a way to prove it isn't the standard you agreed should you go down the small claims route. Whilst I'm not at all saying you should lower your standards (I wouldn't be happy either) I would say that it's going to be difficult without any evidence of an agreement to bring and win a case here. You could complain to him directly and see if you can get a hundred or two off the bill and he gets to walk away.

    If I was you, I'd get somebody else in to spend half a day or so neatening up the edges, see if you can get anywhere complaining to the guy directly, and put it behind you. In the future, it's important to agree important details of a job in writing, as it opens up the small claims court route for you if things go wrong. Even if you meet somebody in person, just confirm everything by email before they start work!
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  6. catrina

    catrina New Member

    Thank you so much this is exactly the advice I needed! This is what I will do. Not sure if I will try it myself first on a small section or get someone in to do it.

    I don't even want to complain to the tiler as he was a really nice man and did work hard on it. I am even transferring him the extra £100 as I didn't have enough cash on me yesterday as I thought he was finishing today but stayed late last night to finish as he had another job today. But that's just me I don't like complaining. He did do a decent job on everything else it's just he edges really. I also think it may lighten a bit more once dried properly as some of the floor with less grout looks lighter.
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  7. LEH

    LEH Active Member

    Well the layout is also poor, with those tiny slivers, but these are aesthetic issues ultimately, and as you don't want to complain, that's that. I agree that siliconing is going to be your best bet, and the suggesting with the kickboards is good.

    Hopefully he fitted the tiles properly - did you see him laying them down? Did he spread tile adhesive all over the floor with a notched trowel or did he put blobs down? Did he mix the adhesive from powder from a bag?
  8. catrina

    catrina New Member

    I didn't see no as I was at work while he was laying them.
  9. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    It does look poor to be honest. Now you are into scrambling into getting it looking better territory

    The ropey edges tiles to tile are solveable by siliconing with a white. Just hoover all the

    The ropey work up to the skirting either with a flat thin timber trim mitrebonded on and painted or possibly a bead of caulk and then painted.

    As for the sections around the door frames that is probably the worst bit, maybe dig the grout out and redo in white? Thats hard graft though, or maybe though its a bit bodgy perhaps Zinsser might have a stain block primer or similar that you could try and possibly paint over in white?
  10. Aura noire

    Aura noire New Member

    Oh my god!

    I have been tiling for 18 years and “tradesmen” like this make my blood boil!

    They get away with shoddy substandard work like this because people keep paying for it!!!!

    There is very little good to be said with what has been produced here, and the question to ask is if he thinks what you can see is acceptable what is it like underneath.

    Spot fixed I bet!

    People like this take wages from real tradesmen that take care and have pride in what they do, buts it’s ok at least he was a lovely man.

    Bloody hell!!!!!!!
  11. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Well-Known Member

    +1. I'm not a pro, but have tiled umpteen floors, bathrooms, kitchens and that looks like a very rough beginner DIY job. What on earth is going on with the edging in the photo with the cistern hole?

    What to do - you've paid him so that's that. The raggedness is mostly around the edge. Silicon is tricky to apply neatly, but a very neatly applied bead would really help to tidy it up. You can get silicon application tools to help. It might be worth having a go yourself - practice first. get some decent quality silicon, a decent application gun and a toolkit like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sealant-Ca...286&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=Sealant+Tools&psc=1 and have a go.

    You can also buy white plastic moulding sections - small quadrants and beads which might be helpful in a few places.

    Around the door frame you could actually paint over the grout white around the frame with a tiny brush to leave a nice even small dark grout line exposed. No-one will ever notice it's partly painted over.

    The kick boards are an easy thing to sort, provided you can get them out - cut them if you have to. Install new kick-boards (plinths) a few more mm into the room and sit them on the tiles so they just cover the grout line. Will really neaten those edges. Plinths are cheap.

    Take your time, and I think it'll look OK. Next time, when you employ a "pro" don't settle for second best, and never pay up front. The good guys will always be happy to be paid on completion (that's what I've found anyway).
  12. jonathanc

    jonathanc Active Member

    embarrassing job to be honest - with a little care and attention to detail it would have looked a lot better: pop the kick boards off and tile under hem. pop the skirting boards off and refit/replace over the tiles gets a neat finish.

    clearly whoever did this was not used to setting out tiling with those thin slivers in there.

    As a DIY'er I would not be happy leaving a job like that in my house...
  13. Russel

    Russel New Member

  14. Russel

    Russel New Member

    Yeah best thing is to get more tiles and get someone else to replace the worst bits..Really sucks though when people take a chance with tiling on other peoples houses.
  15. baldex

    baldex New Member

    I cant believe your gonna give this man another £100.00 he needs to come back and put
    this terrible job right. bad tiling, bad cutting, bad setting out... do I need to go on???
  16. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Well-Known Member

    Even the worst DIY tiling attempts I've seen are better that that.
    Dark grout on pale tiles (or vice versa) CAN look good it the tiling is perfect, but they usually look awful if the tiling is anything less than perfect.
    Unfortunately yours is the latter.
  17. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Active Member

    you need to get another trim for window and build tiles up and do not forget you need access to cistern behind

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