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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Tiler To Be, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Tiler To Be

    Tiler To Be New Member

    Hi. i am currently 23 years old and i am looking for an Tiler to take me on as a Tiler Apprentice, in the Birmingham area.

    So far i have had no luck in finding one. Help needed please
  2. You'd be better off working for a bathroom fitter, As a large part of the bathroom, plumbing, plastering, chippywork, electrical etc will hold you in good stead...
  3. Tiler To Be

    Tiler To Be New Member

    I have now decided to do an apprenticeship.

    But i am having trouble finding an employer. Does anyone know a tiler that is willing to take on a fast learner and hard working apprentice.
  4. If you were in Surrey Id take you up on you're offer. Finding anyone that'll get out of bed on time is minor miracle now, never mind a willing learner and hard worker.

    Ask at tile shops, they will know tilers who are rushed off their feet and looking for an extra pair of hands.

    Don't just walk in and ask, type up a breif CV about yourself, what you're doing and what you have to offer, state what you expect in return, in pay and time for study etc.

    If you're good you'll be snapped up.

    Good luck.
  5. Tiler To Be

    Tiler To Be New Member

    No wonder at the moment their is a shortage of skilled people in the construction industry. The reason their is a shortage is that people like myself who are eager to work and learn in construction, find it very difficult to get a job in it.

    Their is very few companies willing to take on apprentices and willing to train new people up. The government needs to address this as in a few years time when the older generation (which is the majority of the workforce) of builders retire their will be a big shortage.
  6. What do you expect to earn?

    To be blunt you will cost your employer money for at least 6 months and probably a year.

    The problem I found is people expect too much, I've had guys like you approach me who expect to be paid £80 - £100 a day. And most of them, can't or don't drive, can't get out of bed on time and are pretty useless when they do.

    It's hard to get your foot in the door, because for every 20 oiks you feel inclined to employ you'll find one thats any good, the other 19 will cost you time, money and stress.

    So, instead of monaing on a forum, make an effort, make a nuiasnce of yourself. Offer to work one week for nothing to get your foot in the door, do whatever it takes to get noticed. It's called initiative.
  7. graceland

    graceland New Member

    to tiler- tilings a piece of ****, get a good book, practice on your mums bathroom, relations etc (do it for nothing), then go self employed.there aint a lot to learn.if you wanna do marble though, a bit more complicated but hardly anyone has that now anyway
  8. plumbed

    plumbed New Member

    mudster where are you in surrey im over by heathrow
  9. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    "if you wanna do marble though, a bit more complicated but hardly anyone has that now anyway"

    Maybe not marble but theres a lot of call for other natural products at the moment, slate, limestone, travertine etc. All these require a lot more knowledge if they are to be fixed correctly. Also need to know what your doing with wet rooms and U/F heating. I'm sure Mudster would agree.

    Oh and most of the books on the subject come from America, a novice could come very unstuck if he did not know what they mean by "Mud"!!!

  10. Caterham,

    Oh and I sell as much marble as I do Limestone, quite surprising really but it really is still in demand.
  11. graceland

    graceland New Member

    sorry boys, stand corrected on marble then. id heard its mainly in demand in nice areas of london etc as REALLY expensive to buy AND fit.
  12. I suppose so, The marble I sell starts in the region of £120 sq/m + vat to supply and fit. The sks's the limit after that..:)
  13. Tiler To Be

    Tiler To Be New Member

    I dont understand it they say their is a shortage of skilled people in the construction industry. But when you are harding working, fast learner that is Desperately looking to get into the industry the door is just shut in your face.

    I have been looking since May this year for a employer to take me on as a apprenice Tiler: Wall & Floor. But so far i written and phoned over 50 companies in the midlands area and the response has all been no.

    The reason being they either were not looking to take any body on or they already have taken a friend on as an apprentice.

    I dont understand it i have passed my CITB entrance exam onto the apprentice scheme and this scheme means that in return for taking me on as an apprentice they would receive several thousands of pounds over 2 years.

    And in return the employer would get me a hard working, trustworthy apprentice that is eager to learn to be a Tiler. The amount of money i would receive a week would be £150.
  14. Tiler To Be

    Tiler To Be New Member

    It is a great shame I was unable to do my dream job of becoming a tiller. I really wanted to find an employer to take me on as an apprentice but I have had no luck after trying more than 50 + companies and still looking.

    It is just employers are too scared to take apprentices on. Yes I can understand that there are some lazy apprentices out their, but there are some good ones too. I myself am not lazy, stupid and not demanding to much money.

    Also these builders don’t want more skilled workers out their as when these apprentices are trained up they will be competition for them. More competition will mean that these greedy builders will have to be more competitive with their pricing. Giving them fewer opportunities to rip off old grannies. Show me the money!!
  15. Mr Brabus

    Mr Brabus New Member

    How serious are you about becoming a tiler?
    Assuming you've no transport (that's why a lot of people get hired, own car = bring own tools and materials aswell as car pooling for the other plebs) I strongly recommend you do what it takes to get some wheels as this shows initiative and makes you an asset to any company i.e. you can collect materials, workers, sandwiches and get to sites on your own.

    Make it clear to them you are very serious about the apprenticeship and offer them a "free trial" of your abilities.

    Failing that...
    Try your local manpower office or construction temping agencies to see where they can place you...

    Best of luck and don't give up ;0)

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