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  1. its been a bad day today i started to assemble my wickes units and so far i have more damaged doors than good ones.

    i need some fixings to join the units together but not sure where to get them? ( i know they are on ebay but would like them tomorrow)

    what is the correct fixing for the wall units to go into the blockwork on a dot and dabbed wall?

    no doubt at least once where im gonna want to screw a wall unit bracket there will be cables...
    i've seen on here you can buy a rail that will overcome this and also make alignment of the units easier but the link doesnt work. can anyone advise me where i can get one?

    thanks in advance
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    just type in your search engine "wall unit mounting rail" I think it's that your after.
  4. not coming up with anything relevant
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    Screw your units together with wood screws
    If you need to fix a wall unit where there is a wire, see if you can get 1 or 2 screws in without hitting it,fix the unit to the next unit with wood screws and that will hold it up
  7. I fit for Wickes and normally use 30x4 screws to screw units together and 80x6 or 100x6 to fix brackets to walls never failed me yet
  8. thanks for the replys.

    A new problem has presented itself today, i put 2 cupboards up no problem. Next are 2 900mm bridging units one above the other, as i understand rather than fitting onto a wall hanging bracket these have to attach to the units either side.

    My issue is on the R/H side there is an extractor for the hob, this will line up with the top unit mostly and needs to be screwed to it as part of IT'S fixing NOT supporting something else.

    I hope this makes sense so far, basically as i see it these bridging units need a cupboard either side to fit properly.

    I think i could get round it by moving the chipboard back inwards and cutting out the top corners to accept the proper wall brackets but this will cost me space.

    I still then have a possible issue when i go to fit the extractor as some of the fixings may line up with the bottom of the top unit or the top of the bottom unit....

    Apart from piling it up in the garden and having an expensive bonfire what should i do?

    (by the way my kitchen was designed by a wickes designer i had my own plan but they suggest this, probably because it was dearer. If i had kept it my way it would be up by now!)
  9. The Wickes 900 units have brackets like the rest of the unit with a hydrolic ram system
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  10. the ones i have have a chipboard flush fitting back and no wall brackets or facility for them. The cupboards have a resessed hardboard back with a cut out in the top corners for the bracket
  11. Are they off the shelf range ?
  12. yes take away
  13. Last time i fitted the off the self 900 bridge I screwed both units together fixed 3 32mm L brackets along wall at bottom and then 3 on top of unit that was over a year ago and it's not moved bottom bracket L up so u could not see it
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  14. I don't get why my other cupboards have decent fixings making them easy to install and adjust the level and then these are basically gonna be a lash up in comparison
  15. It's just how the off the self range are the normal Wickes range do have adjustable brackets inside the 900 bridges
  16. i will probably modify them as i said. all in all the whole thing has been disappointing. what with this, the damaged parts and i was only supplied one box out of 2 boxes to make the 900 drawer unit. It should be done by now...
  17. Off the shelf range shop staff are monkey's and customer's pulling units off the self taking bits out and dropping them then putting them back on the shelf I remember the one i fitted for them was a nightmare I just fit there normal range now as a rule
  18. the thing is i was after cutting out the labour costs not the cost of the units, but to do that it seems you have to buy rubbish.
  19. Would they not sell you a standard kitchen ? like the one in my photo ?

    If you knew some one with a Trade point card you could of got B&Q Cook and lewis range which is good gear
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  20. no i was told take away range. cook and lewis looks good but there was quite a wait for it and im doing this instead of working atm so just need it done really

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