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  1. To be fair to sheds, most kitchens these days are not bad at all. At different hoosies, I have installed B&Q and MFI, and would happily - from what I see in the showroom - have a Wickes kitchen too.

    The carcases are 18mm thick, they come with Blum hinges, and when fitted securely and level to walls and floors, they are sturdy and square. They ain't going anywhere.

    But, I can fully accept there are better ones out there for the same money - it's just that they are not easy to go and see.
  2. Now't wrong with t'sheds.

    MFI. And only one broken handle in 10 years...

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  3. chippie244

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    Would you show them photo's of your past work?
  4. Sean_ork

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    behave ;)
  5. chippie244

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