Tiling a kitchen worktop and rasing gas hob to get under the dge

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by BoroEagle, Jan 5, 2023.

  1. BoroEagle

    BoroEagle New Member

    I am planning on tiling over exsisting worktop to freshen the kitchen up and need to raise the hob 9mm to get tiles under the lip...... Any suggestions how to do this with out disconnecting it?

  2. sled

    sled Member

    Have you looked underneath? What’s holding it in? Are there clips that can be unscrewed or fixed with adhesive?
    Is there a Flexi pipe supplying the gas, which can be raised 9mm?
  3. BoroEagle

    BoroEagle New Member

    I have looked but cant see any retaining clips... No flexi pipes but copper has give in it to a degree.....
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2023

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