Tiling a Sloping Internal Concrete Threshold

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Dion9, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Dion9

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    Hi folks,

    A bit of advice please.

    The front door in my hallway has a concrete internal threshold, which is about 1m (W) x 24cm (D) x 3.5cm (H). I bought three 60cm x 30cm x 9mm tiles to cover it. However, when laying down the tiles, I noticed there is a 1cm drop from right to left.

    Now I did think about trying to lay tile adhesive on thick at the one end, but have read this isn't ideal and the tiles would probably end up cracking over time.

    I've then looked at self levelling compound but if I went down this route, how would I be able to apply it and contain it within the step only and not have it pour over onto the carpet in the hall?

    Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  2. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    pack it up with a broken tile level with paste and tile over

    level up so to say
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  3. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Well-Known Member

    Can use self lever for this, just build a ‘dam’ around the concrete to contain

    Scraps of mdf or any timber really, can glue to concrete with grip fill or similar, or may just sit on top ?

    Post a picture to make situation clearer

    Plug any gaps between timber and concrete as self leverler goes down runny and you will loose it down gaps . Can use spray foam for this, cut back once cured or use caulk, gripfill, etc

    Need to seal concrete first and aid the bond between it and leveler. SBR type primer here, diluted with water (tile shops sell it, probably branded Bal or Ardex, etc

    Anyway, post a photo

    Concrete will need sealing whatever way you go with this, even if just using tile adhesive
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  4. KIAB

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  5. CGN

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    Seen as you’ll be needing a bagged adhesive, just buy a bag of rapid set and use some to level up with first.
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  6. Dion9

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    Thanks folks. It does seem a little 'bit of faff' (i.e. not overly confident with DIY skills!) and 'pricey' (i.e. tight-****!) just to tile a very small area. I am leaning towards (no pun intended) the packing it with broken tiles option. I know, I know, I'll probably pay for it later but it does seem a quick and easy fix and I may just have ended up moving by the time the tile cracks and breaks up! I do really appreciate the replies, by the way. :)

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