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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by stan1315, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. stan1315

    stan1315 New Member

    I am tiling a swimming pool with mesh backed tiles.
    I would like any tips on the best way of doing this?

    For example: obviously the adhesive will come out through the tiles. How do you deal with this? Do you sponge it off straight away,scrap it out, leave it as grout?

    Any advise will be good.

  2. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

  3. Aussie Tiling

    Aussie Tiling New Member

    Is it a straight pool or curved the only reason curved swimming pools are a different ball game all together as to setting out. If your not a tiler dont even attempt it you just wasting your time and money. Get a pro in as for adhesives get a pro and he will know what to do.
  4. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    I think the phrase is: "If you have to ask, you're not up to the job!" Getting it wrong could be seriously expensive!
  5. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

    For example: obviously the adhesive will come out through the tiles. How do you deal with this? Do you sponge it off straight away,scrap it out, leave it as grout?

    mosiac tiles comb on ur addy to walls an floor..using the correct addy??then back butter ur tiles for full coverage fix to floor an walls then using ur grout float
    as a boxing glove hit the s??t out off them,then wipe excess addy with wet sponge:)
  6. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

    other tip when tiling walls with these start at top working down in a brick effect to stop slipage ...i would also use panel pins 2 hold in place;)
  7. stan1315

    stan1315 New Member

    Hi tic tic
    thanks for all your information,I have built 3 pools but I have only used the paper fronted tiles. The adhesive does not come out because of the paper. I am switching to the mesh backed to make the job faster and easier, as I have been told they are?
    I think that they will just be messier.
    However, if you can just wipe them with a sponge then this will make it better.
    I am working in Spain. All the Spanish use paper tiles but all the English use mesh.
    Tell me what you think?
  8. tic tic

    tic tic New Member

    hi stan shouldn"t b 2 messy if ur using the right nocthed trowel with these tiles ..u should b using a 2-3mm notched so there wont b 2 much addy coming thro them mate;)..then wipe off any access if any:)
    best of mate:)
    they should b quicker 2 fix an grout than the paper fronted ones mate..but if its ur fisrt time with them u might not think so:) but once u get going with them its a breeze mate;)
  9. stan1315

    stan1315 New Member

    hi tic tic,

    the comb is the answer, ill try and get one, not easy
    in spain, the one i use at the moment is 5mm, the wife
    in the uk next week, so if no luck here ill get one in the uk, thanks for all your help, your a top man
  10. Eveyear1958

    Eveyear1958 New Member

    Immersion in water requires adhesive unaffected by using water. In a pool, water is nearly sure to penetrate the grout joints.
    preliminary motion due to weight of water and warmth. The pool will be tiled while it is empty.
    The have an effect on of pool chemistry on the grout.
    sure areas are uncovered to additional wear and tear.
  11. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    Would think the job been completed by now as the original post was touching a decade ago!
  12. supake712

    supake712 New Member

    Even if you are trying to cover a stair or the out of doors location of a pool, you may use an anti-slip mosaic tile. so whilst purchasing for glass mosaic tiles, examine the specification sheet from the manufacturer to make sure it may be utilized in a swimming pool.
  13. Dam0n

    Dam0n Active Member

    Probably done the pool by now .Well I would hope so as it was from 2009...

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