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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by leechy, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. leechy

    leechy New Member

    Was wondering what other people do with very uneven walls when fully tiling a bathroom?

    Am on a job at the moment and although the walls are in a fairly good condition they are all over the place. The tiles I am using are quite large, I am spending a lot of time and adhiesive getting them flush and looking good. Do you recommend a plaster re skim in this case? can't see that helping that much as the skim will follow the defects!?

    In the past I have knocked the plaster off and reboarded but this adds time and expence to the job!?

    Also what adhiesive do you use? I am using ready mixed stuff this time but its working out at a dear do and taking ages to go off!
  2. multi trade

    multi trade New Member

    hi leechy most "other people" follow the walls get their dough and run , big tiles look great but the problem is I find the bigger the tile the bigger the problem skimming walls wont help you have to STRAIGHTEN walls using undercoat plaster and a straight edge but thats more work ! cheaper than adhesive though and is a better job
  3. H.2.O

    H.2.O New Member

    big tiles are a nightmare i agree

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