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    Will be getting ensuite tiled for the first time, tiles are being delivered soon. All four walls are plasterboard skimmed and painted and floor is 18mm t&g chipboard, house is new build so bathroom never been tiled. I'd say id better check all plumbing before tiling, we've been in the house 3 years, bought new and ensuite has never been used....lol

    Ill be ripping down all four plasterboard walls, as have some electrical work to do and i know plasterboard isn't the best to tile on...

    Thinking 12mm marine ply for walls, is there much to installation, as can tackle it myself with right instruction. Do i just need to screw to joists, any expansion gaps to leave around edges...etc

    Also we have one of these shower pods in the bathroom, 900x900. Id say its impossible to remove plasterboard from behind the shower as ensuite is so small, but does this really matter?

    As said shower is 900x900 and the bathroom only is 1800x1200

    Basically the tile sq m2 is 1.7m2 required for the floor and 9.5m2 for walls. Thats it tiled right to the ceiling.

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  2. DIYDave.

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    Forget using ply, wrong material in this case. Risk of it moving causing tiles to fail, also needs sealing before tiling, forget ply

    Look at 12mm cement backer board - several makes to go for;
    Hardie Backer Tileboard
    Knauf Aquapanel

    Can’t tell you which is best or how/if they differ, I’ve only ever used Hardie Board

    As ever, loads of info on the net, You Tube, etc

    You can tile onto plasterboard, need to check weight of tiles, adhesive and grout per meter as there’s a limit. Skimmed PB will take less weight than tiles direct onto PB

    People will direct you away from using PB in wet areas and if you must, use the moisture resistant stuff and a tanking system

    Any water leaks getting past tiles will destroy PB and cause loads of damage, usually resulting in a much larger area needing repair due to PB soaking up water and falling apart

    I’ve got 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, 1 bath, all tiled onto regular PB, no tanking, been in house around 22 years. Never had a problem with water leaks or failed plaster board, loose tiles

    If showers/baths are installed correctly in 1st place, as well as using top quality tiling materials, you shouldn’t get a problem

    I’ve replaced silicon few times over years and the occasional bit of grout that looks loose, ie, keep on top of any maintenance issues and possible sources of water penatration

    Painted PB ‘may’ be an issue to tile direct onto. What kind of paint has been used ? Always ways around this anyway

    Your choice, see what others say
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  3. Jay459

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    Plasterboard is coming down anyway as have a couple of electrical jobs to take care of.

    I will look at the cement backer board as i hear its supposed to be good. My tiler who done all my downstairs told me to get marine ply, he's retired and been tiling all his life but maybe this backerboard is relatively new and since its cement i think he will be happy as even when he tiled my kitchen walls he made me chisel off the skim so he could tile right onto sand and cement...

    Dear enough for a 1200x800 sheet, £13.That means i need 10 sheets for 9.5m2
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  4. Jay459

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    So the backer board just screws right into the wall joists, do i just use wood screws?
  5. CGN

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    Just use, backer board where the shower is going. Use plaster board elsewhere as there will be no real benefit doing everything with backer board, unless you're fitting particularly heavy tiles.
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  6. Jay459

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    My local builders only stock multi pro cement backer board, its £28 for a 8x4 sheet, 12mm thick. Anyone heard of this brand, can i use tile adhesive on this board?

    What screws and tape will i use for walls?
  7. Jay459

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  8. Muzungu

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    I can identify with this. Same setup in my house. Just ripping out the ensuite with tiles onto plasterboard (no longer able to live with the pink tiles!), no tanking, been in 30 years. No leaks, loose tiles or rotten board. Having said that I am going to tank.
  9. Mr Rusty

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    Is it standard multi-pro (which they do specify for tile backing) or the multipro moisture sure? http://www.resistant.co.uk/products/moistsure/ I've used both and they seem teh same material. If you look at the specs they are identical. I do wonder if its the same board sold two different ways for marketing reasons........

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