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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by illusoryduck, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. illusoryduck

    illusoryduck New Member

    Hi all,

    I need some advice on what to do arparomy bathroom window. I did plan on tiling, but the walls aren't very even and the top right corner has a big bulge in it so the tile just rocks on it. Any advice?

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  2. dobbie

    dobbie Well-Known Member

    Has that just been plastered ?if so why was it not beaded round the window ?if it has get him back to put it right including the reveals.
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  3. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

    Thats how I see it too.
  4. illusoryduck

    illusoryduck New Member

    His coming back as we're getting the windows replaced. Still gonna have an issue with the tiles as the walls aren't level
  5. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

    But they should be after they are finished. :)
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  6. dobbie

    dobbie Well-Known Member

    You are better waiting till the window is fitted and the reveals plastered before you tile that wall.You are going to have cut tiles and without the plastering finished it is silly starting.

    When he comes back get him to bead the reveals and flatten the uneven wall as he should have plastered it flat,not with bumps and hollows.
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  7. CGN

    CGN Well-Known Member

    Just overhang your wall tiles by a few mm, and bed up for the reveals.
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