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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by denman, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. denman

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    i am tiling full height in my bathroom to include shower etc , it has been replastered would i tile straight onto new plaster or would i need to seal the plaster wit pva or something similar thanks for your reply
  2. Mr.KnowAll

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    I have been tiling 20 years .....It depends on the tile...if it is ceramic tile then i would pva and use a suitable for shower, ready mixed adhesive...if the tile is anything other than ceramic ( alot of tiles are porcelain these days ) then i would use sealer and fix tiles with a suitable for porcelain tile adhesive which depending on the size of the tile, would be a powder that you add water too...only use ready mixed adhesive with porcelain if they are small tiles say 200 x 200mm or smaller and then make sure you use a class A adhesive...if the walls are not very flat ( depending on how good the plasterer was) then procede with powder.. I will also tell you now that if the tiles are porcelain, then when it comes time to fit the shower enclosure and slide rail and any accessories, you will have to drill with diamond tipped bits...£10 each...as masonery bits will not even touch it! if you need advice on using these bits then let me know....I fit bathrooms and can offer any other advice you may need..hopefully!
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    You should allow the new plaster to dry for 4weeks prior to tiling but this will depend on thickness of plaster and temp of room.

    Ideally the wet areas should be tanked

    you can tile straight onto the plaster unless the surface is highly polished then it should be brushed with a stiff brush and primed with something like BAl APD or dilute SBR

    And remember a skimmed wall should only be expected to support tile + adhesive of 20kg/m2.

  4. Mr.KnowAll

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  5. The PVA advice is incorrect, I've explained this enough times on this forum click the following link for the reasons why:-


    Don't feel obliged to take my word for it, feel free to discuss it with either of BAL or Ardex's technical lines who will confirm that it also invalidates any of their warranties.

    There is actually no need to prime at all if you're using a ready mix, they are in most cases self priming, but follow the specific manufacturers instructions especially if it's a cheapy adhesive.

    If you're using a cement based adhesive the main reason to prime is to stop a chemical reaction known as - Ettringite Failure, a side effect of the primer is it also reduces draw and gives more open time.
  6. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

  7. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    Mr NIA

    Your link is to a site that only sells Sealocrete adhesives, and it would seem that Sealocrete suggset THEIR PVA for THEIR tiles

    This should not be taken as a generalisation that all tile adhesive needs a generic PVA primer.

  8. Mr.KnowAll

    Mr.KnowAll New Member

    sorry...i use bal apd when using powder based adhesives on walls....i referred to this as pva....which was wrong....buy your adhesive and sealers from a tile shop so the sealer is correct for the adhesive......they will then take the rap if it doesnt go well..

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