Tiling onto plasterboard in a bathroom

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Archiethere, May 20, 2020.

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    Hi, I have put up a new plasterboard wall in m my bathroom as the old one was crumbling. I’ll be tiling over this wall. Question I have is about sealing the wall beforehand. Some people have said online this is isn’t necessary, some people say it is. Some say use PVA, some day this is a big no no. Can anybody clarify this for me? I’ve used water resistant plasterboard on the wall. If I have to treat it beforehand which product should I use? Thanks in advance
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    It's fine to tile on as it is, you could use SBR as a priming coat but it's really not necessary. Though it can depend on where the wall is ie a shower area as you may wish to tank the area, and if you are using large format tiles you may wish to check plasterboard can carry the weight. Don't use PVA.
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    I tiled on plasterboard 15 years ago and still good. Not the done thing but in our shower it's been fine
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    Thanks for your replies. The wall will be in front of a freestanding bath which will have a shower above it. I’ll have a look into tanking the wall now as I’m not familiar with that term

    thanks again

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    No. That is for waterproofing basements and is not suitable for tiling. You need a proper tanking slurry that is usually designed for wetrooms. Plenty for sale on eBay.
    I tend to do a tanking job before tiling on plasterboard nowadays, but that's just because I'm a whole lot more risk averse now than I was 30 years ago.
    30 years ago, I tiled a shower space directly onto regular plasterboard (not even the green water resistant stuff). I must have done a really good job of it, with good tile adhesive, good well applied grout and a good grout sealer, because 30 years later that same shower looks the way it did when I took my first shower in it 30 years ago. Maybe, just maybe, we're all too gullible when it comes to marketeers making us believe we need their products.

    I would buy a tanking slurry kit that comes with its own primer that is proven to work with the slurry. I am always cautious of mixing different products together in an untested way.
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    Thanks. I got a proper tanking membrane in the end. Thought I’m better off paying out a few quid more now and knowing it’s the right stuff. Thanks for all your help. I will crack on with it as soon as it arrives and then I can get my tiles up

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