Tiling over existing vinyl tiles

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by mcampster, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. mcampster

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    I'm looking to tile my bathroom floor, which currently has some vinyl floor tiles with vinyl 'grout' strips laid on it. I have pulled one of these up and it appears to be laid on plywood, but the adhesive it leaves behind is pretty stubborn to remove and not really leaving a very smooth surface, so I was considering laying directly over the top of the vinyl.

    The vinly floor is straight and level and well adhered to the substrate. They are not soft vinyl, but actually quite rigid.

    I have some left over Durabase matting (similar to Ditra) which from reading other posts may be of use here.

    I guess my questions are:

    1. Is it possible to lay the matting over the vinyl?
    2. What adhesive should I use to adhere the matting to the vinyl tiles? Another forum suggested acrylic, similar to what was probably used to glue down the tiles in the first place. But would that adhere to the top surface of the vinyl, or would I need to prepare it first?


    Once I've got the matting down, the assumption is I can tile as normal.


  2. mcampster

    mcampster Member

    I have decided to rip up the tiles and plywood floor and start with a completely new base. Much quicker to do than scraping away the adhesive or tiling over the existing vinyl.

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