Tiling quote - rip off?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by bigbarryfatbaps, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. hairymaclary

    hairymaclary New Member

    And how exactly did you arrive at this cost?

    Just a quick add up of the probable materials for this size of job has got me coming to around the £3000 mark. And without any photos or any other information as to what problems are likely to be encountered I think it's a bit unfair to try and comment on how much the labour will be.
    As stated by a few, get three quotes and make sure you ask questions. You're having major work done to the ground floor of your home, go with the tiler you trust and don't let cost play too much of an important part in your decision. You need this work to last.
  2. mark atkin

    mark atkin Member

    Based on previous jobs done and experience.
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  3. Nanook

    Nanook Active Member

    I think good customers are willing to pay good money for a good job.

    I think that the OP is not confident he has the right man for the job.

    I also think the OP may be confused about how the quote has been laid out to them. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be on here thinking the guy is just charging for materials.

    To me, it looks like a classic miscommunication or misunderstanding due to non-transparency.

    We don’t all get on with everyone. The OP might find another tradesman who they might feel more comfortable and confident with.

    Like I’ve said before, I do believe it should be mutual. If the customer isn’t comfortable, it’s unlikely the tradesperson will be either.

    The result? Two unhappy people.

    It’s a hiding to nowhere.
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  4. Nanook

    Nanook Active Member

    A quote isn’t almost always enough when the customer doesn’t understand the process.

    That’s why I think the OP should talk to the tradesman in more detail about the job.

    I also think you have put your money where your mouth is. I respect that.

    From experience here, that won’t be liked.

    I think though, it’s good that the OP has something to work off.

    I don’t think it’s good the OP is in a state of flux not knowing what they are or aren’t paying for.

    On that premise, I have suggested the OP looks elsewhere.

    The tradesperson may be fantastic at their job. But if the customer doesn’t understand what they are buying and/or paying for... it’s going to end in tears.
  5. Nanook

    Nanook Active Member

    To the OP,

    The building industry is not regulated. There are amazing tradespersons out there but then there are those who imitate them.

    In your case, you absolutely don’t understand anything your tradesperson has said to you. Why?

    My opinion is that you should talk to them first and discuss and go from there. But if your gut does something, listen to it.
  6. Ric C

    Ric C New Member

    I'm literally in the middle of having a large extension and my bathroom is being tiled as we speak by a local timed served tiler with a good reputation and finish (he works alone and has a 20 years old astra van so no big overheads).

    I purchased 45m2 of tiles (which includes a 10% waste allowance) and several edging strips and he quoted £1000 to fit them (he provides the grout & adhesive).
    The room was stripped/boarded and the floor plied before he started this morning so there was minimal prep involved for him.

    Never seen a tiler work before and he's absolutely flying them up its great seeing it come on!
    I agreed to take the tiles upstairs for him which I m now regretting as there so many packs that are pretty heavy and my legs are dead!!!

    PS: Based in South Manchester as where your based will make a massive difference to your quote!
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  7. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Screwfix Select

    This is the way to do it, if you can't tile then do all the prep and heavy lifting, allowing the trade to apply their skill and not pay them for doing stuff you can easily do yourself.
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  8. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    So he's tiled onto plywood?
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  9. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    That's what he said.
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  10. Rick1632

    Rick1632 Active Member

    I'm not in the trade, so I risk offending here, but I'd wouldn't be happy with a tradesperson quoting me for MATERIALS at a cost greater than I can buy myself given that they normally get some discount. But there are some caveats here - some jobs people will list the most expensive items, but there's a hundred other consumables required that don't get quoted that still cost money. Also while you may be able to order them a month in advance from getitfromchina.com, a tradesperson will quote you for a local supplier because they'll probably pick up the materials on the day. Finally, asking someone to use cheap materials and produce a great finish is also not going to work out - but if it's like for like, i.e. you agree the materials required in advance then you can compare costs and see if they are happy for you to supply.

    The risk here of course is if the job turns out badly, you've lost the investment in the materials, while in a supply and fit job, you have much more leverage.
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  11. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    If he's tiled onto plywood, you need to get a proper tiler.
  12. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    I've been tiling onto plywood prepared floors for years because it works. If this method had presented continuous problems I would use a different method, but it hasn't.
    Not one.
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  13. MalcyB

    MalcyB Active Member

    There are far superior products than plywood out there. As stated by the British standards.
  14. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    Yes, and they are also far more expensive than tried and tested plywood.
    I have used backer boards before in certain situations when needed, but you can't beat 20 years of experience with plywood - without any problems - to tell you that it works.
    As with most institutions around the globe, these 'hands on' :rolleyes: guy's and gals are heavily influenced by corporate lobbyists in their decision making.
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  15. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    There is nothing wrong with tiling onto plywood, it's a tried, tested and proven method over many years that gives perfectly fine results. Implying the tiler is a cowboy is a silly statement to make.
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  16. Ric C

    Ric C New Member

    The floorboards were already solid and in good condition (never hurts to but in a few extra screws down whilst you can though) and it was plied just to be on the safe side.
    After bonding he's added a decent amount of flexi adhesive and then tiled over that. That's how my last house was done and it still looked mint after 9 years.

    He's an older chap that's been tiling his whole life and does the show room tiling at a massive local tile/bathroom supplier (his work is super tidy and neat) so not sure he'd quality as a 'cowboy' to be fair.....
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  17. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    He wouldn't. There's a large amount of misconceptions within the building trade whereby people pass judgement without ever having done the job or having done it once one particular way which they then believe is the only way to accomplish the job. There's many ways to skin a cat, and proven methods no matter how old should never be blindly disregarded in favour of modern technology, which nearly always carries a modern premium.
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  18. Ric C

    Ric C New Member

    Agreed. I'm really happy with the progress so far and with any luck the second fix of all the plumbing work will be complete by close of play Tue (he says with fingers and toes crossed!) also new windows going in too!
    Crapping in a porter loo on my driveway is really starting to become a pain :D wife and kids had to move out for the last week so I've been roughing it whilst 'hell week' begun!

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