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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by ramsden, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. ramsden

    ramsden New Member


    Please excuse the amateurish question, however that's exactly what I am!

    I'm doing up my kitchen and I'm nearly done, the last job being tiling the floor.

    Unfortunately the chipboard panels on the floor are raised at the joins and sag slightly in the middle of each panel making it uneven for tiling. Whats the best way to go about tiling on this?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
  2. ramsden

    ramsden New Member

    Forgot to say, I don't know if this would make any difference to the procedure, but my tiles are marble. Standard 30X30 shape. About 11.5mm thick.
  3. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    Sounds like the chipboard has been affected by moisture so there is little point in trying to overboard it.

    Take the lot up and as you are using natural stone replace with 25mm WBP ply screwed at 200mm centers and with additional noggins under all joints. If its a floating floor then post again with details of whats under the chipboard.

  4. ramsden

    ramsden New Member

    I appreciate the suggestion Ja, but is that really the only option? I'm not really liking the idea of ripping up the entire floor as half of the floor has my new fitted base unit kitchen cabinets/appliances covering it!

    Admittedly there is some damp in the house, but the boards are not damp to touch. They do have a very slight movement to them though. Do you think it would be easier to just take the marble tiles back to the shop and get some naff plastic flooring instead? Would much prefer tiles but if it saves me ripping the floor&cabinets out, it might be the only way.

    Thanks again for your help with this mate.
  5. jasonb

    jasonb New Member

    As the chopboard is uneven overboarding with ply is not really an option. You could bond aquapanel onto the chipboard with a bed of flexible tile adhesive as well as screwing it down, this will raise your subfloor by 15mm so will depend on what height you have available under your new worktop as the marble & adhesive will add at least another 15mm onto the aquapanel.

    Other option would be to cut the chipboard just infront of the unit legs, lift it all and replace with 25mm ply.

  6. ramsden

    ramsden New Member

    Thanks for the advice Ja. I'm considering both options seriously. I'll let you know what I decide.

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