Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Nev, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Nev

    Nev Guest

    I am in the process of setting up a new business tiling walls and floors. I an attempt to drum up business with local tradesman i have sent out letters to offering our services. I am told that a lot of kitchen fitters are short of tilers to call on is this true? Can anyone offer advice on setting up?
  2. jimbo

    jimbo Guest

    Forgive me asking but are you a tiler?Do you know anything about tiling?If you can answer yes to each of these questions then you will have made enough contacts in the building trade to give yuorself a start in business.Have you talked to kitchen fitters?
  3. Nev

    Nev Guest

    do you think i would go into business if i could not tile?
    i have only been doing private jobs here and there but now want to get work through other local builders etc. How is it that you claim if i can tile i must automatically know people in the building trade? just because i have learned and gained experience tiling does not automatically mean that i would have come into contact with loads of other trades people.
  4. jimbo

    jimbo Guest

    Are you a tiler? ie have you done an apprenticeship or other training? or are you somebody who has done a few DIY type jobs for people and decided to try to go into it full time?If you are a tiler then you will have enough experience and contacts to get work by reputation.If you are a relative beginner then you will have to have some type of track record to show prospective customers.
  5. Tangoman

    Tangoman Well-Known Member

    To be honest mate, if he can put up tiles to suit himself and can do it quickly enough to make his dough, then he's probably already better than some of the scoundrels I have come across.
    Seem to me that with tiling being relatively straightforward to have a go at, most tradespeople seem to do it themselves with degrees of success ranging from good to atrocious. Actually I've never seen good, only poor and shocking. I would imagine the best kitchen/bathroom fitters will want a specialist, but they will probably be after somebody with more experience. You will probably have more luck with plumbers though - far more tiles in your average bathroom.

    Anyway, good luck to you.

  6. chappers

    chappers Member

    would agree with Tango there on this one just because you 'aint got a qualification doesn't mean you can't do it and vice versa.
    Tiling is like painting and decorating theres plenty out there who claim to be, but its not until you see the work of a good one that you realise what chancers there are out there.
    Give it a go mate time and your subsequent reputation will tell.

    Good luck
  7. archer4721

    archer4721 New Member

    Are you qualified? ? As a professional tiler, it is so depressing to see so many people following the 'if you can **** you can paint' theory.All this leads to is unhappy customers, bad reputations, and unhappy days at work. A good grounding in the basic principles of tiling and other trades you'll be working with will pay dividends to you. It's very easy to set yourself up, but very hard to loose a bad reputation. By the sound of your post it's early days for you. take your time and get skilled up! work on your setting out/ levelling etc. being good in a trade of t***s will keep you in work a lot longer!! be professional and learn all aspects of the trade, if it's gonna be your job be good at it! Then your horizons are brouder than 3 meters or so in a few kitchens!! ..best of luck!!

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  8. jimbo

    jimbo Guest

    Thanks Archer!!!! good to know that there are still some guys out there with a professional attitude .
  9. Nev

    Nev Guest

    cheers guys for all of your thoughts i have got in contact with a few builders and have got some good jobs coming up.
  10. Thermo

    Thermo New Member

    got to admit that i can see both points of view on this one. All a customer wants is the job done well, on time and at the right price. Some people chose to go the rute of qaulifying and some the route of learning by experiance. I have met both and qualified can be ***** and experianced can be *****, or both can be excellent. Just because someones qualified doesnt mean he can do the job, and vice versa. I think this is true for most trades (apart from those you obviously have to qualify in) Word of mouth from a happy customer is always a good verdict on your skill, professionalism, reliability and honesty. Ive only been out on my own for a short while and i take it as a compliment when a customer comes back or recommends me. Good luck nev. Dont forget you can get free adverts in yelow pages and thomson local.
  11. sim74

    sim74 New Member

    hi Nev, just read your message from 2004, im thinking of doing the same. just wanted to ask how you are doing and was it worth it ??

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