Timber doorstep gone wobbly & detatched from doorframe

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Adrian.Brown, Oct 2, 2021.


Is this (described) a great solution (to pictured problem) ?

  1. Yeah, job's a good-'un

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  2. Nah mate, you need a proper builder.

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  1. Adrian.Brown

    Adrian.Brown New Member


    Hi all, I'd be v grateful for views / advice, please, re my 'solution' & whether I should get a professional in?!

    A couple of years ago we had this problem, and called in a builder, who provided and 'installed' the replacement doorstep (rear door). A year or so later, it started to get a bit wobbly, and this worsened - see photo. Last month I bit the bullet and pulled it out; I found what appeared to be broken / crumbled mortar and brick (and some 'spacers') underneath.

    To try to assess the situation & maybe do a temporary fix 'while we try to get a builder'; I pulled / swept away what had broken / crumbled, and found sound brickwork, about 45mm below the level of where the bottom of the step should be. Fortunately, I had some narrow timber pieces of about the right cross section (as a 'stack' of 2), each c. 20mm x 40mm, to lay along the length of this brickwork, close in to where the 'inner edge' of doorstep needs to be. This gave a nice tight gap - between these new 'supporting' timbers and the bottom ends of the doorframe sides - to force the step back into (I had to chamfer the 'outer edge' of the top supporting timber so that the step would ride onto it). Then, as the resulting gap below the outer edge of the doorstep was only 8mm, I plugged that with timber strip and spacers.

    'Exam question' is: Would a builder do a better job, i.e. longer lasting, & if so, (a) how would he / she do this and (b) how / why would it be better? Or, would what I have described - plus painting the step and putting a little sealant round wherever it meets other bits of structure (doorframe, door aperture, ground) - mean 'Job's a good-'un' '?

    Thanks v much.
  2. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    That was a rough job to start with, no wonder it has failed. Get a new door and frame, don't mess around trying to fix this, it will always be draughty and in secure. Take this opportunity to install a multi locking door and frame, matched and machined by the manufacturers, it may be wood or PVC, it will be the better job.
  3. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Whilst your spending the OPs money, possibly £1,500.00 on new UPVC door and fitting, (compared to approx £20 on paint, fixings and frame sealant) you may wish to suggest he also buys himself a sledgehammer

    After all….. Christmas is coming and we all love those nuts in the shell at this time of year ;)

    Will add my suggestion later on, when I have some free time
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  4. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Rubbish, the bloke has come on asking if his repair is decent and you're recommending spending hundreds if not a thousand or more on a new bloody door and frame! Nothing wrong with what he's done, and a draught strip could be installed if he did indeed have an issue with that.

    Your solution is fine, if you could have managed to get some in then it would have helped to mortar under the cill, but as long as its packed solidly and sealed all around then it's as good as you'll get. Treat the cill with a suitable weather resistant stain or oil.
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