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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by zak99, May 16, 2018.

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    We'd like to build a small extension under permitted development on a brick and block cavity wall Bungalow on a thick concrete raft.

    We hope to clad the whole building with weatherboard so was hoping I could DIY the extension in timber. I'm no builder but a good diy'er with good wood skills as I used to repair wooden boats. I'm just not versed in the details of building construction.

    The extension would be about 2.7 by 4,.5 metres wide with a pitch roof.

    Any advice - dont do it, get on with it etc. I guess I need to speak to building control to see what floor they will accept, i.e. More concrete slab (its very thick) or foundations and joists.

    Its not a very warm bungalow despite the cavity being filled, we may put some thin insulation in when cladding (which apparently I do need permission for).

    How do i match and hopefully improve the thermal in the timber frame and avoid cold bridging through the timber frame please?
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    Thanks Kiab, I'll check them out
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    Thanks again Kiab, we were also looking at a garden room in Sips. Its quite surprising though how the price jumps up from a basic finish yourself Sips box to a supplied completed room (windows, cladding, roofing, elecs etc).

    What are my options for house extension foundation please. We currently have a very thick concrete raft, for a timber frame extension would it be likely I would need such substantial foundations? I know it depends on the local building control but I wonder if trench foundation would be OK.

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