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    Kit Specification

    Please Note: The following Specification is for the house kit to comply with the 'Target' method of calculation. The differences in specification for the house kits complying with the 'Elemental' method are indicatd in blue type.

    Wallplate 25 x 100 whitewood
    Elemental 25 x 150 whitewood
    Floor Joists 45 x 122/222 whitewood
    stress graded, regularised & x-cut to length
    Floor Dwangs 45 x 122/172 & 40 x 65
    Flooring 22mm moisture resistant T&G chipboard
    waterproof glue supplied for site fixing
    Insulation 140mm glasswool on mesh support

    External Panels 45 x 90 whitewood framing @ 600mm c/s
    Elemental 40 x 140 whitewood framing @ 600mm c/s
    90 x 195 whitewood lintels to openings
    9.5mm exterior grade plywood/O.S.B
    breather membrane factory fixed to panels
    L.B Partitions 45 x 90 whitewood framing @ 600mm centres
    90 x 195 lintels - one row of dwangs
    Sill Plates 22 x 90 whitewood
    Elemental 22 x 140 whitewood
    Head binder 38 x 90 whitewood
    Elemental 38 x 140 whitewood
    Firestops 38 x 50 whitewood offsaw
    Vent Pipe Framing 38 x 50 whitewood offsaw
    dwangs 24 x 100 whitewood offsaw
    Internal Partitions 45 x 70 whitewood framing @ 600mm centres with one row of dwangs

    Roof Trusses
    @ 600mm c/s 27.5 degree pre-fabricated fink type
    or 45/50 degree pre-fabricated attic type
    Apex Panels 40 x 90 whitewood framing
    @ 600mm c/s
    9.5mm plywood/O.S.B
    breather membrane fitted
    Gable Ladders 21 x 145 redwood bargeboard
    factory fitted
    9mm WBP plywood soffit factory fitted
    Roof Truss Bracing 25 x 100 whitewood off-saw
    Sarking 9.5mm O.S.B
    Roofing Felt 22kg reinforced roofing grade
    Water Tank Stool as BS5268 detail
    Tilting Fillet 9mm plywood, pre-cut
    Fascia Boards 21 x 195 profiled redwood
    Soffit Plywood 9mm WBP with ventilation slots-mesh fitted
    Soffit Framing 50 x 50 & 38 x 50 whitewood, pre-cut
    Plasterboard Dwangs 38 x 50 pre-cut
    Counter Battens 13 x 38 whitewood off-saw
    Tiling Battens 25 x 50 whitewood off-saw

    Windows Scandanavian red pine "H" type top hung reversible windows
    Severe exposure rated
    23mm factory fitted Low "E" double glazing night vents & lockable handles.
    External Doors
    Front - Swedoor "Georgian type door set
    Letter Box Pre-fitted
    Rear - Swedoor "Eaton" type door set
    factory double glazed
    Garage - Catnic "Carlton" steel up and over door
    Internal Screens 15 pane type mahogany door preglazed with clear bevelled glass hung in red pine frame
    Screens supplied unglazed
    Internal Door Sets Pre-finished sapele veneer door hung in frame
    latches/bathroom locks, factory fitted
    pre-mitred moulded redwood door facings
    sliding mirror door to all bedroom wardrobes
    Finishings moulded skirtings, window sills & apron plates
    all in red pine
    Stair parana pine stringers, whitewood treads, ply risers
    hemlock turned spindels & newels
    Shelving white melamine shelving to all wardrobes/cupboards
    brass wardrobe rails
    slatted shelf to linen cupboard
    Sundries Timloc 1168 drop in loft access ceiling hatch & meter board

    Plasterboard 12.5mm TE Duplex to External Walls
    12.5mm TE Plain to walls & ceiling
    12.5 TE moisture resistant to shower walls
    Coving 125mm Gyproc cornice to lounge, dining & hall

    Insulation 230mm glasswool to roofspace
    Elemental 140mm glasswool to external walls
    90mm glasswool to external walls
    60mm glasswool to bathroom walls
    140mm glasswool to attic comb and hanging post with ventilation spacers
    Elemental 140mm Kingspan Thermopitch TP10 (90 + 50) to attic coomb
    Elemental 140mm glasswool to attic hanging posts

    Structural Stainless steel walls ties,
    girder truss shoes & truss clips
    Ironmongery Holding down straps
    Nails & screws for the erection of kit
    Door Furniture
    External - Brass door furniture
    Internal - Polished brass "Victorian" lever furniture

    Preservation Treatment
    All structural and external timbers to be pressure impregnated against rot and fungal attack.

    Structural Timber
    All structural timbers are stress graded and comply with the relevant British Standards and the regulations of the National House Building Council.

    Does this seem standard to what you would get with every other kit house? And does all the parts seem reasonable?
  2. Couldnt tell you but what I can say is that I dont rate timber frame above traditional construction ... not by a country mile, but if timber frame is the preference then great attention needs to be taken to all detail throughout construction to ensure that any problems do not materialise that when complete can not be rectified, have worked on many timber frame and some of the finish is appaling, pre plastering, no telling what would have come to light after my job was done, but as they say it aint my problem and you cant see it from my house!!
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    Thanks robbo ive work on kits most of the week but this company seem to give you everything including plasterboard and cornice skirting etc. i only do external walls and roofs they all seem fine but i was what folk thought of the rest of the materials ps this is for a family member

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