Timber frame side of house build

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by Harvey Harrison, Jul 1, 2022.

  1. Harvey Harrison

    Harvey Harrison New Member

    Hi, iv got a 5 inch concrete slab down the side of my house leading to the back garden, which I’m looking to build a timber frame room down the side, with no access into my house but using external house wall as third wall in the frame.

    The slab is 5 inch thick x1900mm x 5000mm

    Have attached a photo of my house and a photo of what the “plan”
    Is 87B135A1-3CF9-4677-A211-A47C723DF5AC.jpeg 87B135A1-3CF9-4677-A211-A47C723DF5AC.jpeg 87B135A1-3CF9-4677-A211-A47C723DF5AC.jpeg B2995D22-54DF-4B05-A3C7-301625A3B7E6.jpeg

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